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  • Learn seven easy things you can do to begin increasing the number of sales you receive from your website today! Perfect for any eCommerce owner looking to take things to the next level without paying for advertising.
    Posted: Friday 29 May 2020
  • Wanting to accept orders and sell food online? We look at how to start selling takeaways and other food products online via a website.
    Posted: Friday 1 May 2020
  • Learn why Website Builder provide New Zealand's best eCommerce solution and how you can take advantage of our SEO friendly and easy to use website platform to grow your business upon.
    Posted: Friday 29 November 2019
  • 7 Christmas Marketing Ideas for Your Business
    In desperate need of some fresh and exciting Christmas marketing ideas for your business? Then check out these seven original and attention grabbing ideas now!
    Posted: Friday 19 October 2018
  • How to Increase Website Sales at Christmas
    If you want to increase the number of sales on your website this Christmas, then read on! We're sharing our top suggestions on how to supercharge your website sales this festive season!
    Posted: Friday 19 October 2018
  • Your Guide on How to Write Product Descriptions
    If writing product descriptions is something you struggle with, then read up! We share with you the characteristics of a great description, tips on writing descriptions and actually show you how to write product descriptions which get results!
    Posted: Friday 10 August 2018
  • Strategies to Speed Up Your Customer's Buying Decision
    Your eCommerce website exists to sell your products online, as well as building up your brand's authority. Ideally you want them to purchase your products on your site now, not after searching online for alternatives. After all, once they leave your site, they may not come back! Today we're discussing the reasons why people buy things, plus share ways you can help them decide to purchase from your website faster.
    Posted: Tuesday 24 April 2018
  • Free Freight & Other Tips To Increase Website Sales
    One of the key areas eCommerce website owners monitor is the amount of online sales they make. While this number can vary depending on seasonal changes, SEO or the products you sell, there are things you can do to increase website sales. Let's check them out!
    Posted: Friday 23 March 2018
  • At the end of last year we added address auto completion to various forms and shopping carts. Address auto completion is powered by Google using data from many different providers around the world. This speeds up data entry for users, and encourages auto completion and use of post codes. However, sometimes issues with address layout or odd choices of province name may occur. In addition, there are issues with rural delivery numbers not provided by google.
    Posted: Tuesday 6 January 2015
  • Wix looks cool, until you want to do something serious with ecommerce, then you are limited to Paypal as your payment provider.... With website builder you can choose any NZ payment gateway, and integrate with Xero, Vend, Unleashed, Fastway, etc.
    Posted: Monday 4 August 2014
  • We have implemented a new loyalty points system for our merchants. It is now available for beta testing
    Posted: Friday 25 July 2014
  • Free POS - Point Of Sale System now available for free
    You can now get our integrated POS system for free with all our eCommerce hosting plans. Integrated POS is awesome, because it keeps stock synchronised between your online store and showroom/depot.
    Posted: Wednesday 2 April 2014
  • We have added quite a lot of new logic for the shopping cart, so i thought now is a good time to review some of the changes, and how they could help you.
    Posted: Wednesday 4 December 2013
  • We have added the integration code for Analytics to track more detail from your shopping cart orders. Just add your analytics ID into the special site usernames area in the CMS where you edit contact details.
    Posted: Monday 1 July 2013

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