Profitable Digital Products and How to Sell These Online

There are plenty of profitable digital products that you can sell online; the challenge is identifying the right ones for your business. We've put together some digital product ideas for you to check out, plus details on how to sell these online, along with some marketing suggestions too. We also have a focus on Kreative Kiwi Embroidery, who sell their digital embroidery designs throughout the world using their Website World website.

What Are Digital Products?

Digital products are products that can be purchased and delivered online. They do not have a physical form or substance, and you don't need to source them or manage inventory. Often a digital product is delivered to the customer via a downloadable file such as an SVG, PDF, video, template, software or app. A digital product can be turned into a physical product by the customer, such as printing out an eBook or using a digital embroidery file on clothing. 

There are plenty of benefits to consider selling digital products over physical products, including:

  • sustainability
  • ease of distribution
  • no inventory management
  • no storage required
  • instant delivery to customers
  • no costs related to assembly or materials
  • easily scalable
  • high profit margins
  • less time commitment
  • flexibility
  • lower costs

The profitability of your digital product will depend not only upon the type you choose, but how it is created, what it contains, your audiences' needs, the cost price and the purchase price. There are plenty of options as to the types of digital products you can sell. Identifying the ones that you can confidently create and your target market wants to buy is your first step.

Ideas On Profitable Digital Products You Could Sell

There are several key types of digital products that you can undertake due diligence on and consider selling, including:

  • eBooks

eBooks have been around for years and remain one of the most popular digital products. They are easy to create, requiring just text and images. There are also many different eBook templates available that you use to produce your eBook into the appropriate format for your audience. Kindle is the major player in terms of eBooks, but you do not need to use this platform to sell or even read your eBook upon. Formatted correctly, it can be viewed upon eReaders, tablets, phones and PCs, or even printed on paper if required. 

  • Courses

Selling online courses continues to grow in popularity, thanks in particular to the pandemic. The sky is the limit in terms of what you can teach, and can be easily presented to customers via either downloadable assets and/or password protected areas on your website with images, text and videos. Customers can easily contact you via email or through forums you create within your website. Other digital products can be created to complement your courses too.

  • Stock photos 

If you are a keen photographer, grab your digital camera and create yourself a stock photo website filled with your photos. You could sell your photos individually, or sell access to your collection. Photos could also be sold once, or multiple times depending upon your chosen licensing terms. 

  • Music

Record your own music and then sell it to customers who can download it at their end. The file formats will depend upon the end use of the music, be it for listening to socially or for use on social media or a website. Like stock images, you can license your music for single or multiple purchases.

  • Logos, fonts and other digital assets

If you have design skills, create digital assets such as logos and fonts to sell. Ideally each business should have a unique logo, but this isn't in the budget of many. An easily editable logo could be resold, edited and used multiple times. You may even offer a customisation service for your logos included in the purchase price. As an artist, take the digital route and create artwork that your customers can download and print for themselves. Or perhaps create custom digital artwork upon commission. When displaying the work on your website, the use of watermarks and other security measures are required to protect unauthorised usage, such as by copy and pasting an image.

  • Templates

Creating and selling editable templates is always popular and varied. Wedding invitations, Canva templates, CV templates, contracts, terms and conditions, business planning templates and worksheets are just some of your options. Upon purchasing a template, your customer can instantly receive a downloadable file ready to use via email.

  • Membership sites

Memberships are great for delivering continual digital products to customers. Monthly and yearly are the most common membership options sold, though this is up to you. Upon purchasing the membership, your customer can then have access to a password protected area of your website where they can access all of the information you have available for their membership level. You have the ability to add additional content at any stage too, whether it is downloadable or viewable on site. A member forum may also be a feature you wish to add.

  • Planners and diaries

Many people like to use digital diaries and planners, making this an opportunity to custom design and sell niche specific options. These could either be digitally editable or printable files, though ideally you would want people to purchase newly dated ones each year. 

  • Embroidery or craft files

Digital craft products are very popular. Kreative Kiwi design and sell machine embroidery designs through their website. Each customer has a personal login where details of their purchases are kept, and from where they can access the downloadable files. Kreative Kiwi also offers customers a loyalty scheme, whereby each purchase is worth a certain number of points, and points are therefore redeemable for discounts on future purchases. Watch our video in the section below which demonstrates the purchasing, downloading and account logging in from the Kreative Kiwi customer's point of view. 

Your Guide to Selling Digital Products Online

While there are multiple ways to sell digital products online, the one which gives you the most control is through your own website. Website World make it simple for you to sell digital products, and for customers to access their purchases. We have created two videos; the first will show you how to add your digital products to your website ready for customers to purchase and in the second video, we demonstrate from the customer's point of view, making a digital product purchase through the Kreative Kiwi website, as well as how a customer can login and access their past purchases. 

How to Add Digital Products to Your Website Ready for Sale

Customer Experience of Purchasing and Downloading Digital Products

Marketing Ideas for Digital Products

Getting customers to a website and keeping them there is an ongoing job for all eCommerce businesses. We've put together a list of marketing ideas for digital products to help get you started:

  • Paid advertising

Paid advertising is known to provide almost instant traffic to a website, but this comes at a cost. It is available through search engines such as Google or Bing, social media sites like Facebook or private website advertising, such as through a paid directory. 

  • Social media

Not only is social media a great way to grow your followers and develop positive relationships with them, but it is also an ideal place to use to send people to your website. While there is the ability to sell some products using the social media platforms themselves, it is better to do so through your website. 

  • Content marketing

Content marketing refers to 

  • Videos
  • Competitions
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Affiliates
  • Podcasts
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Free samples
  • Landing pages
  • Infographics
  • Business directories - add your NZ based business to the popular free NZ business directory Business Networking NZ

Email marketing

Your website is the ideal place from which you can collect contact details of customers to add to your bulk email subscription list. Email marketing is made easy when you have your website with Website World, as the bulk emailer is already included with your website hosting. All customer and email subscriber details are saved within the CMS, making it a one stop email marketing shop. Our articles Top Benefits of Email Marketing, How to Create an Email Template and Writing a Newsletter People Will Actually Read are good sources of information on email marketing. 

For additional marketing advice, take a read of our articles What is Content Marketing, and Using Videos for Marketing On Your Website. If you need a web store, grab yourself a free 30 day trial using our powerful eCommerce platform today.

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Posted: Friday 6 May 2022