Voucher management is easy with our awesome eCommerce platfrorm.

Every voucher has the following characteristics

  • Nominal Value, eg $50
  • Voucher Number:  
  • Expiry Date: 
  • Issued To: (optional)
  • Redeemed by Order ID (set on redemption)

Each voucher can only be used once. Refer to our discounts and promotional codes area for running broad discount campaigns based on a promotional code.  

Vouchers can be sold online, and automatically added to the voucher management area for immediate reuse. 

You can sell vouchers at a different cost that it's face value, which is a great way to run your own coupon/voucher site.

Multiple vouchers can be used during a purchase, eg a $50 + $20 + $10 voucher can be used for a $80 purchase. Customer can top up using any payment method for the difference. If the vouchers are valued higher than the total purchase price then the merchant at their discretion can reissue a new voucher for the difference, this is not automatic. Customer can buy a smaller denomination voucher to make up the difference. 

Large lists of vouchers can be maintained easily. You can import voucher lists via CSV / Excel file. eg great for treatme or grabone deals.

Vouchers have unique bar codes and can be used in shops or cafes or at point of sale.

You can customise voucher templates. 

Loyalty Points Program

A loyalty points program is another way to run a voucher type system. Customers can earn loyalty points for purchasing, or for recommending others to purchase. Customers can also buy points in a similar way to buying vouchers. 

Points belong to a customers member record, and they can easily redeem points when they login before checking out. The customer can choose how many points to redeem, so they only use just any many points as required for a purchase.

The merchant can create rules that dicate how much a point is worth, how quickly they are earned, and how soon they can be redeeemed, thus encouraging repeat purchasing.