Email Hosting Package

Our email hosting package is ideal for those requiring a professional email address. At a cost of only $7 per month, or $77 per year, you receive:

  • Single page website
  • 1 mailbox
  • Unlimited email forwarding rules

You can use our Round Cube web mail service to send and receive emails, or your choice of other web mail service like Gmail. 

To use our budget email package, you will need to first purchase a domain name with most domains costing $29 per year. That means for only $106 per year, you can give your business a professional boost with a vanity URL and email address to use.

First step is to purchase your domain name, and then select the email only package and set up your email address, all within our content management system.

Email Pricing Plans


Per Month

1 mailbox

Up to 1 mailboxes and/or up to 2GB IMAP storage space


Per Month

2 mailboxes

Up to 2 mailboxes and/or up to 5GB IMAP storage space


Per Month

3 mailboxes

Up to 3 mailboxes and/or up to 10GB IMAP storage space


Per Month

4 mailboxes

Up to 4 mailboxes and/or up to 20GB IMAP storage space

Annual plans available. Additional mailboxes cost $5 each per month. 

Additional space charged at $1.60 per GB. Contact us for larger/custom plans.  

Note: Our mail service may not offer as much space as other hosting providers, but we provide a robust up time and all long term mail storage is backed up and can be restored if required

Mail Migration

We offer a mail history migration service, to copy your IMAP email folders from an old mailbox to your new mailbox. The cost of migration is $50+gst for 1 mailbox, $80 for 2 mailboxes, or $100 for 3+ mailboxes. 

Request Email Hosting Package

Please let us know what your domain name is, and what email accounts you require. You can have unlimited email forwarding rules. However, the number of destination mailboxes will affect the hosting plan. 

Contact Email:
Migration Required
Do you require email migration from another mail server
Domain Name:
How Many Mailboxes:
Email Accounts Required
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