Website Migration Service

Professional migration of your website, from any platform, to our awesome website builder and eCommerce platform at Website World.  We have added powerful website scraping tools that can import all your existing pages to create an almost perfect replica. 

Your new website will have:

  • The same URLs to all pages, blog pages, products and categories (Natural URLs only). 
  • The same sitemap and structure and content (pages, blogs, categories and products)
  • The exact original website design, or a brand new mobile responsive template. You choose!
  • SEO Meta tags, meta titles, keywords, and description remain intact. All else remaining equal, your SEO rank on each page should be maintained after migration.

The Migration Process

  • First we import the home page, and all pages linked from the home page. 
  • All content is separated from the template. Multiple templates are identified if required. 
  • You can choose to dispose of your existing template(s) if required, and choose one of our mobile responsive templates instead. If you choose our templates, your website will run faster, and be easier to update in the long run.
  • Next we identify any shopping cart, and import your categories and products. Currently categories and product information is limited to the following fields, and excludes product variations and options. Product variations and options are best imported via a spreadsheet.
  • Then we import any remaining blogs or pages, and import all images and PDFs.
  • You will then review the website copy, and you can make any changes as required. 
  • You will need to configure any payment options, discount rules, freight fees etc. 
  • When you are happy to go live, we then make your account live, and initiate the domain transfer as a final step. 
  • There will be no outage to your email. There may be a small outage to https website traffic during the changeover, (for 1 hour approximately) as we generate a new SSL certificate for you, and make it live.
  • Once your new website has been live for 1 day, and no issues arose, you should cancel your old website hosting.

Product Information Transfer

We will transfer all your product information, from platforms such as wordpress or shopify. We understand these platforms very well, and can usually get an exact copy of most data attributes. 

If you can provide your product data as a CSV export file, then yes, we can import that data for you. Ideally your product images will be included as a full URL to the live image.

SEO meta data is maintained. 

Increased Visitor Speed

Your new website will be faster than your old website. Our unique platform approach to websites dramatically speeds up the page generation time. Our minimised/reduced script set requires less browser effort to download and implement. We highly recommend you ditch your old website template, and choose one of our equivalent templates.

Migration Scope / Optional Costs

  • $100 - Basic migration including the following: 
    • Site Map, Meta keywords, and same URLs/Filenames.
    • Page Content and Blogs
    • Products and Categories
    • Customer Data
    • Order History (*only from shopify)
    • A standard theme is used on basic migrations.
  • $300 - Recreation of your original website theme (near exact replica).
  • $100 - Recreation of complex home page content or slideshows, to make them easily editable.
  • $50 - Migration of email history into new mailbox(s)
  • $50 - Setup of freight rules, discounting rules, payment options.
  • $50 - Import of loyalty points data (from spreadsheet)
  • $50 - import of reviews data (from spreadsheet)
  • POA - Enquire about any custom requirements such as order history import.

Please Enquire

Please let us know how much you want us to do for you, and how important your original home page layout or theme design is to you.

Please provide your URL and details for Website Migration