Reseller Opportunities - White Labelled CMS

Reseller content management system and Reseller Web Hosting and Reseller Ecommerce - Resell our CMS and web hosting and all other features as your very own service, rebranded under your own companies look and feel.

eg ISP's, Web Design Companies, Graphics Design Companies, Social Media Experts, Search Engine Optimisers, Content Writers, Active Affiliates

Summary of Offer

  • Earn $2 per domain sold/renewed, and get discounted domain pricing on your own portfolio.
  • From 25% to 50% commission or discount on web hosting. 
  • Free Website for one year to promote your website builder business
  • White labelled (rebranded) version of our CMS
  • You have full control of all your customers websites, content, shopping carts, mailing lists, domains and email accounts from a single login.
  • Manage and Host all your Website Builder and OpenSource / PHP Websites through one control panel. 

Our CMS can be rebranded to your companies existing look and feel. Your customers will have no idea about "Website Builder" nor who Web Widgets are. The public side of your interface can have any look and feel you desire. The inside of our CMS will have a similar positional layout, but the branding and colours will be matched to your existing brand.

Your reseller website space will gain the following functionality, each feature is optional

  • Login page with password reminder
  • Free trial signup
  • Domain registration
  • FAQ Links (Generic unbranded help files)
You will receive similar access to all administrative functions equivalent to most Web Widgets support staff.
  • Create a new website space
  • Make web site live
  • Take web site offline
  • Register/renew/cancel domain name
  • Search for customer
  • Edit customers website
  • Access to our internal procedures help instructions.
You will be able to resell domains and provide a domain search function. Your customers will receive their renewal notifications from your email address.

Reseller Option A

  • No Setup Fees
  • Fixed prices for domains and hosting
  • Your customers will be billed by "Web Widgets Ltd" for domains and hosting. 
  • We pay you a commission for domains and hosting. 
  • Full control of your customers websites. 
  • Ability to action domain registrations and go lives subject to a prepay balance.
  • Agree to our online terms
Indicative Option A Pricing
Number of Sites Commission
1+ sites 25% commission on each website,
based on website builder RRP hosting prices.  
20+ sites 30% commission on each website
50+ sites 35% commission on each website
100+ sites 40% commission on each website
200+ sites 45% commission on each website
Domains $2 commission on each domain

We will take care of your customer billing using an independent company name "Web Widgets Ltd". You will be able to monitor your customers financial account history, but you cannot enter any transactions. Web Widgets Ltd will take offline any customer who does not pay, and then return them back online when they do pay. 

Reseller Option B 

  • Setup Fee of $1000 applies
  • You choose your own domain/hosting fees. 
  • Customer payments go directly to you for domains/hosting
  • You pay us a trade price from 33% to 50% less than RRP 
  • Pay your account balance end of month 
  • Full control of your customers websites, domains and account status. 
  • Requires signing of formal contract.
Indicative Option B Pricing
Number of Sites Discount 
1+ sites 30% discount on each website 
20+ sites 35% discount on each website
50+ sites 40% discount on each website
100+ sites 45% discount on each website
200+ sites  50% discount on each website
Domains $21 per year (for commonly priced domains)

As you will need to manage your customer billing, we suggest you use for managing your accounts, and monitor your overdues closely and take any sites offline when they have not paid. 

General Terms And Conditions

  • You must continue to host your primary website (the reseller website) where your customers login to access the CMS.
  • You must make 1 website live every 6 months
  • You must pay your account balance on time. 

Reseller Domain Fees

$17 per year registration/renewal .nz and most itld domains.



We can offer exclusive contracts to resellers who want to promote our service in their own country. All enquiries to our website will be directed to our Franchisee's directly for management. Franchisees can bill the customers directly. Franchisees will be required to meet certain performance quotas and pay an annual franchisee fees to secure their exclusivity. In addition to this, they have all the same obligations as a reseller as outlined above.


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