Questions and Answers for Newbies

  • Yes! A website is a valuable asset which helps give businesses the opportunities to reach a wider audience, sell online and increase sales, showcase and promote a brand and many additional benefits.
  • Web hosting is a paid online service that keeps your website live 24/7 on the internet for anyone to see.
  • A content management system (CMS) is cloud based software that gives you the ability to create, edit and manage content on a website. Our CMS has been designed to make this easy for people who have never has a website, as well as being customisable for web designers.
  • Find out what the initial and ongoing costs of having a website are.
  • We like our customers to have expectations of the level of service we will provide. Below you will find our preferred timeline for completing projects.
  • We provide multiple ways for you to get help with managing your website including video tutorials, FAQs, a comprehensive support website, a Facebook support group and a team of professional developers and designers.
  • Once you are ready for your website to go live, it's quick and easy to get it up and showing on the internet.
  • Website statistics tell you important information about the visitors to your website. We discuss the tool we provide plus where you can get additional information from.
  • Designing your website requires you to have planned ahead at what you want the end product to look and function like. Complete this checklist to be ready to start your web design.