Questions and Answers for Newbies

  • You want a website in order to communicate with potential customers and existing customers. Websites are online information brochures about your business. They are not adverts. A website is more cost effective than the printing of undelivered brochure
  • Web hosting is the fee you pay to keep your website alive
    even when your computer is turned off and you are not connected to the internet.
  • White Paper: Content Management Software

    Date: Monday, 21 July 2003

    Author: Reuben Jackson, Web Widgets Ltd

    The traditional approach to website design is to pay a web designer to create you a website, then pay additional fees every time
  • Learn about the main costs of setting up a website with web widgets website builder.
  • We like our customers to have expectations of the level of service we will provide. Below you will find our preferred timeline for completing projects.
  • You can get assistance by first referring to the FAQs pages. If you do not find a solution, you can email support and expect an answer within the course of a business day.
  • How do I make my website live? When you have added all your content to your site and are ready for it to be live on the web, simply follow these instructions.
  • How do I know people are visiting my site? Website builder provides advanced viewing statistics as part of our Content Management System. You can find out how many people are viewing your site by clicking on the Statistics link under the Settings butto
  • Please follow the link for upto date terms and conditions
  • Prior to obtaining a quote from web designers, you will save yourself alot of time if you are able to clearly indicate the following information to them.
    What level of service will your customers expect from your website?
    - Deliver timely informa

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