How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?

Website World provides you with all the tools you need to build your own website. However, if you already have a website, our paid migration service will move it to our platform. It can be faster to upload your product data via a CSV file, if you can get your product list into a tidy spreadsheet format.

 The time period from starting a free trial through to making a website live does varies depending on many different factors. While we can't specifically tell you exactly how many hours it will take to build your website, we can list the types of things you'll need to do before it can go live.

Steps to Build Your Website

  • Start your free 30 day trial for your new website - no credit card or contract required! Choose any of our professionally designed website templates, and then select the type of website you want to build. Finally add your website name and your contact details - then you're ready to start adding content!
  • Add new pages and products.
  • Add text to your pages and products.
  • Choose your colours and fonts for your website.
  • Add your photos and other images, including your logo.
  • Choose your payment gateways and select shipping methods for customers.
  • Register your domain name with us.
  • Pay your first months web hosting and you are ready to GO LIVE!

It does take time for a website to be found and indexed by search engines including Google and Bing. Your new website has been built upon a very SEO friendly platform and has specific areas where you can enter keywords, meta tags and file names. Through the regular addition of high quality content, your website is more likely to rank well in search results, therefore giving you more free organic traffic. You can also use other tools such as social media, bulk emails and paid advertising to direct people to your website too.

A realistic timeframe to have the basic skeleton of a website up and running is one day. Many of our customers will work on their website for short periods of time over a few weeks, adding content and perfecting their design before going live. However, a website can go live at anytime once there is at least one page ready for people to view.

For further help in building your new website, please join our free Facebook support group, view our video tutorials or our free comprehensive support website. 

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