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About Transfering your Domain to Web Widgets Registrar

We accept inwards transfer of .nz domains and .com, .net and .org domains. Any other domain will need to remain with your old registry. 

.nz domains can be transferred for free, and instantly using a UDAI (authorisation code) and you will not lose any time from your aniversary date. It is easier if you move your domain at least 3 months before expiry, as payment is not part of the process. 

.com, .net and .org domains require a renewal fee to be paid on transfer. The transfer process can be complicated and may take up to 2 weeks to complete. It requires you have unlocked your domain and losing registry, provide a valid Authorisation Code during the process. If the transfer is not successful, we do not refund the renewal fee. 

How to Transfer Your Domain To Web Widgets Registrar

  1. Important Note: You must be intending to host your website with us if you wish to transfer your domain to us. (We do not provide email services nor DNS support for domain registrants who do not host with us, or who do not intend to host with us)
  2. Please create a free trial if you don't have one already. 
  3. Login to the CMS
  4. Click domains, transfer domain, and follow the different instructions depending on your domain suffix. 
  5. You will need your UDAI for .nz transfers, or you will need to make a 1 year payment for other domains, and provide the Authorisation Code later. 

How To Transfer Your Domain Away From Web Widgets Registrar

  1. Login to the CMS, 
  2. Click on domains tab
  3. Click on the registry button next to your domain
  4. We do not provide a domain locking service, so there is no need to unlock the domain. 
  5. Click on send UDAI or authorisation code, and this will be sent to you by email. It may take a few minutes. If a message says you need to contact support for your authorisation code, then do that, as we need to manually request the authorisation code and unlock your domain. If there is no options like this, then we are not your registrar anyhow, and you will need to look at the whois to see who your registrar really is. 
  6. Use that UDAI or Authorisation code at your new provider. 
  7. .nz transfers are instant. Other .itlds can take up to 2 weeks to transfer. Please be patient, we do not control that process or timeline. 


Sorry we cannot provide email services if you don't intend to host your website with us. 

If you host your website elsewhere, and require email services, we suggest you use google mail. For an additional one time fee of $20 we will configure your account to support Google Mail. 

If you would like us to provide POP3/IMAP email, yes we can do that. The fee is $70 a year for email services. This includes an optional 1 page website if you don't already have a website.