50+ Bolt On CMS Solutions

Web Widgets make it easy for non technical people to create new websites or update their existing website. You can also add powerful eCommerce and other interactive services for your customers.

Web Widgets help you make changes to your website easily. You don't need to pay a web designer. You don't install any special software on your computer. You don't have to learn any technical jargon. Just follow our simple demonstration to see how easy it is.

No up front costs! - 30 Day Free Trial

We have over 50 pre-developed "out-of-the-box" solutions that suit the needs of most small businesses. You will save time and money using Web Widgets because you don't need to purchase our pre-developed solutions or spend thousands reinventing the wheel.  The cost is inbuilt into low monthly hosting plans that you can cancel at any time.

  • Content Management is all about keeping your website upto date on a regular basis. The most common reasons people need a content managment system is for Updating news Updating stock pricing and availability Adding / deleting product l
  • Maintain a database of your products and prices, including freight calculator, coupon discounts. All products can have a photo, title, description, code, link, dual price, dual currency, purchase options and classifications.
  • Our web based events management system lets you take bookings or enquiries online. Bookings of attendees can be managed in the back end.
  • We have various versions of automated quotes, allowing you to generate quoted prices in emails to your customers 24/7. These include car rental quotes, shopping carts and parametised tick box quotes.
  • We have various image management solutions for artists, galleries, photographers, printers and other organisations who manage large image libraries.
  • Add forums to your website to provide a more interactive experience to your users, and to increase your search engine ranking with more content.
  • Place password protection on any web page. Assign access security to any user or user group.
  • We have a special widget perfect for creating an online directory. Every advertiser on your website gets 1 small thumbnailed image and text in a business card format on an index page, and then they get their own page of unlimited size.
  • Customers can purchase secure files of your website, and if paying by credit card, they can receive them immediately.
  • We provide tools to submit your website to over 30 search engines and web directories quickly, to save you entering information repetitively and navigating through multitudes of web pages loaded with advertising.
  • Maintain a list of members who can have special access to your system, or who wish to express an interest in your services. Provide special access levels to users, to give them access to secure pages or data. Provide opt in/out pages for your
  • We have a purpose built widget for selling houses. It's available at no additional cost over our standard hosting price. You can have a photo tour of the house, with full information about each house. Visitors can "email page to a friend". Vistors c
  • Do you need to share Excel, Word, and PDF files with your staff, customers or members? We make it easy for you to upload all your files in once place, and provide descriptions of each.
  • We have a great selection of templates perfect for B&Bs, hotels, motels and other accommodation providers. Each website can include a photo gallery, booking form, interactive map, contact page, links, events, news, rates, etc
  • We have a great selection of website templates perfect for restaurants and cafes. Pages include photo galleries, booking forms, interactive maps, and SEO tips to help get more traffic to your website.
  • We have the perfect solution for business associations, including an automated business directory within the website, membership subscription payments, and a bulk emailer to send a regular newsletter
  • You can now create your own daily deal voucher website. Use product quantity area to control timing. Use automation tab to deliver the voucher to customer.

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