Regional Portals, Business Directory Websites and Advertiser Pages

We have a special widget perfect for creating an online directory. Every advertiser on your website gets one small thumbnailed image and text in a business card format on an index page, and then they get their own page of unlimited size.

You control the position in the index listing, and the number of photos.

This widget makes creating the following websites very easy:

  • Regional tourism directories
  • Industry sector directories
  • Magazine style websites
  • Clubs with a page per member
  • Other advertising oriented websites

Advertisers can also update their own listings through a login and cut down editor. They get access to

  • change their main photo,
  • edit their full page text 
  • change their URL
  • email address
  • title 
  • summary listing
  • additional photos can be "copied" to their full page text from any live website. eg the image will continue to be served from the place of origin, and will not be uploaded on to your server.

How to Use

  • edit the FAQ, Advertiser or Gallery page you want your member to be able to administer
  • there is a new tool bar for these types of pages, in the top right you will see an "administrator" tab
  • enter the email of the member who should have administration rights to this page.. eg typically the same as the "contact form email" address. The member will be created if they don't exist.
  • you need to send a password reminder to the user if they don't already know their password.

Business Networking NZ is an example of a directory website built upon our platform.


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