Our price list for almost everything else

All fees on this page exclude GST.

Examples of things we do for free

  • Update accounts or domain name contact details. Provide UDAI / Auth Code. 
  • Provide quotes for design work
  • Accounts history query
  • Fix any errors/bugs in the content management system or shopping cart functionality.
  • Indicate the availability or location of a specific function or option within our content management system
  • Confirm that a POP3/IMAP account is active by testing the webmail interface
  • Investigate and resolve domain name server issues (for websites hosted by us)

Small jobs cost $30 (per 15 minutes)

  • 15 minutes to provide step by step instructions
  • Make a minor text edit to your website
  • Upload a photo in the right format, resolution and size.
  • Configure any option or setting that you could have done yourself. 
  • Verification method for google
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • DNS settings for 3rd party web hosting or email service.. (Wix,Weebly etc) 
  • Email mailbox setup and instructions to configure 1 device. 
  • Investigation of a bug or issue, that is not a bug but was actually due to a customer mis configuration. 
  • Minor styling tweaks, fix browser compatibility issue
  • Duplicate website
  • 15 minutes training over the phone on any topic. 

Medium Sized Jobs cost: $100 fee (eg per hour)

  • 1 hour training on any topic you like (design, SEO, ecommerce features, POS)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of 1 key phrase, or 1 hours training on SEO  
  • CSV File import (Product list, customer/member list, vouchers, etc)
  • Investigate a complex issue that is not a bug
  • Provide a quote for a feature request involving programming work
  • Configure our system for use with an existing API such as Vend, Xero or Unleashed, Fastway couriers. 
  • Setup Google Apps Email, and instructions about using Google Apps. 
  • Upload a CD of photos, import them into a gallery or shopping cart.

Backups & Restores 

  • $100 restore email mailbox to a given date (or whole domain email) (please specify if you want "over the top" restore lost files, or to delete current status and replace with old version.)
  • $150 to restore a deleted shopping cart. (or you can undelete a page for free in the CMS for first few days)
  • $100 to restore any other page or files.  (or you can undelete a page for free in the CMS for first few days)
  • $50 enquire as to availability of a backup.
  • Please specify what date to restore to, normally up to 28 days we can do fairly easily, however we might get lucky, but it requires more technical work. 

Big Jobs (Ask for Quote, Typically Provided by a 3rd Party designer.) 

  • Graphics / Web Design (Custom website design)
  • Search Engine Optimisation for multiple phrases. 
  • Content loading 

Account Fees

  • $5 Refund fee (if you overpay your account, or need a refund of a credit on your account. )

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