Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

All our websites included an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, or member management system. Our CRM is designed primarily for managing retail customers with high connectivity between the customers online experience and your customer data. However, our system is equally well suited for trade customers and managing club members or subscribers to an online service, or data exchange based service.

Full Customer History Recorded

All customers who purchase, inquire, register, login or post a comment, etc will all be added to your customer database and tracked against their unique email address. It is easy to search for customers and access all customer related data. Other reporting metrics even allow you see what files a logged in member has downloaded.

Lead Generation Pages

All website pages can be lead generation pages. Simple add an registration page or inquiry page, and customize your message to suit. Optionally keep the website template and menu active, or customise a template for lead generation, or select no template for a streamlined lead generation page. On the thank you page, or via auto responder, you can add a link to your lead generation free PDF download or other similar freebie. 

Integrated Ecommerce and Subscription Management

With high cohesion between our ecommerce system and CRM, both your customers, and your CRM needs, are met without delay or integration issues. The integrated ecommerce system also allows you to manage paying subscribers and renewals of their subscriptions. 

Customer Notes and Followup

You can add notes to individual customers, or groups of customers at a time. Include a followup date, and you will be prompted later with all those customers due for a followup. Share responsibility with your team. All notes are tracked against which staff member added them. 

Enquiry Management / Canned Responses

All customer enquiries are manageable within our control panel. You can assign notes and status messages to enquiries. You can mark an enquiry as completed. You can reply to enquiries, and record the outgoing message. You can send canned responses to customers, to make it easy to deal with the same sort of enquiry multiple times. If you are processing jobs, you can easily manage your initial CV inspection and sorting process within the CMS, and streamline the applicant communication process. When viewing a customer enquiry, you have immediate access to all the important information about a customers purchase history, enquiry history, notes etc, all at the click of a single button. 

Send Newsletters

Send emails to all, individuals or a targeted group, via our integrated bulk emailer. Provide 1 click login links to make it easy for your customers to come back and purchase. 

Automated Campaign Manager

Set and forget your marketing campaign. All new (or existing) customers who meet your rules, will be automatically added to a timed campaign, that will drip feed the right messages at the right time in their customer life cycle. This system is also often used in automated online education systems.

Customer Filtering, Grouping and Security Levels

You can assign customers to multiple groups/tags. These groups can be used for security, or for filtering email delivery. All customers are assigned a default security level. They can optionally opt in, and our system will automatically confirm their email address is validated. You can optionally upgrade members to several authorised access levels, for trade customers, or paying subscribers for example. When an email address is detected as faulty, we automatically downgrade the member level to a failure report. If a customer has had no detected activity for 2 years, we set them aside into the stale area. These automated features take some of the pain away from dealing with large lists of customers. 

Customer Liaison

Share files with individuals, or groups of customers. Allow customers to share files with you. Share pages with individuals or groups. Allow some customers to contribute content to blogs, forums, events, pages etc. Provide personalized messages to each customer who logs in. 

Customer Self Management

Customers who login can update their contact details, view past orders, and repeat an order. We are constantly adding new post sale functionality for end users. 

Reports and Data Export

As you would expect, we provide multiple reports for viewing customer and sales data, and you can easily export all data in a CSV format to produce your own custom Excel reports. 

Importing Data and Data Sync

You can easily import customer data in CSV format, or copy and paste an email distribution list. 

We can also sync your customer data from Xero, Unleashed and Vend.

Google Analytics

You can easily connect your website with google analytics to track other customer activity. We send standard eCommerce data through to Google Analytics if you have enabled it.  


You can view/add/update/delete customer data via our easy to use API. Use our API to integrate any other systems you wish to work with.