Website Migration Proposal

How much does it cost to migrate/transfer a website? 

There are several aspects to consider when transferring a website, as you may have other connected services existing elsewhere, like email for example. 

Cost To Migrate Website Content / Sitemap

We can migrate many websites for free. Some websites are larger or more complicated and we will need to quote some time to complete the migration to a higher standard. If you only want the basic content and sitemap transferred, then please ask for our free migration. If you require a perfect replica of your existing website, then please request a quote for time.


Cost To Redesign My Website, or Search Engine Optimisation

After a website migration, you may like professional help to make your website look better, or get better traffic on google search. We will recommend a third party web designer to work with. The more budget you have for design, the more time the designer can spend making your website look awesome, including some content layout and image manipulation. A lower budget, would include a theme customisation only.

Typical design fee range:  $500 - $1000  

Cost To Setup Email Accounts

Email accounts are provided free on all hosting plans. Our free support is limited to creating the email accounts and confirming they are operational, via testing via RoundCube web mail system. The following fee applies for helping you configure your choice of device/software, such as Office 365, Mac Mail, Iphone, Android, etc. If you require this service, please request an appointment to complete this task.

Optional: $50 for up to 30 minute consultation to setup email account, via phone or screen sharing software.

Cost To Migrate Email History

It is optional for us to manage your email. You can leave your email managed by Google, Microsoft, or any third party email provider. Just tell us you want the mail provider to remain as it currently is. However, if you want us to manage your email, then you should be aware that your email history will not automatically transfer with your domain name. If you previously used webmail with your old mail provider, or your email history is stored on an IMAP email server, there is the small chance you will lose that history when your old providers terminates services. You can either attempt to copy your IMAP folders to a local folder on your computer, or request an IT person do this for you, or you can request the following optional service. This service requires you provide us with your old mailbox login details, so we can download your email, and upload into the same structure in our mail server. We can migrate many thousands of emails across hundreds of folders. Please note that each hosting plan has limits on the total size of your mailbox. 

Optional: $100 to migrate 2 mailboxes, plus $30 per additional mailbox 

Training Cost

Would you like help learning how to use our content management system? You can either review our free training videos, or join a FREE training webinar. If you would like 1 on 1 professional help, with a web designer who is proficient using our platform, please contact us to arrange a training session.


Website Hosting (Ongoing)

Website Hosting plans start from as little as $25 per month. If your website is high traffic, or has more than 30 orders in a month, then you should be on our $40 per month plan. We offer a 1 month discount on annual plans. 

$25 - $40 Typical Monthly Hosting Fee  (or $275 - $440 per year) 

Domain Renewal (Ongoing) 

Domains need to be renewed from time to time. Usually domains are renewed for a year. If you have previously renewed your domain name, nothing is lost when you transfer your domain. Your currrent expiry date will not change for all domain types. Some domains do not require a renewal on transfer. For other domain types, like .com, we must complete a renewal on transfer, and this renewal period will extend your current expiry date by 1 year.

$29 Typical Domain Renewal Fee 

Please note prices are based in NZD or AUD, and exclude GST. Prices are approximately 20% cheaper for USD, CAD and EUR, and GBP. Please enquire for any other currency.