Inventory Management System

Our eCommerce platform monitors sales, stock movements and inventory levels for a "single depot". If you have more than one depot/shop, then you can optionally add a third party inventory system. 

Every Last Item Counted

Every sale on your website will reduce stock when an item is purchased.

If you only have one item on the shelf, our integrated POS system will not oversell your items. 

Our integrated point of sale system is tightly integrated, meaning stock levels are the same across the website, POS and back end management system, at all times, in real time. 

Purchase Orders and Receiving Stock

You can optionally use purchase orders to record stock you want to purchase, or have purchased and is in transit.

Or you can manually record stock movements, and shrinkage directly to a product stock screen.

We also have an optimised "receive stock" screen designed for receiving items in bulk, where you can quickly enter barcodes and quantity. 

You can quickly create purchase orders from low stock items, and this screen is tuned for optimal user efficiency. 

Stock Enquiries

If there have been recent stock enquiries for a product, you are prompted to communicate with those customers when entering movements or receiving stock.

Trade Orders / POS - Sales Reps

Your sales representatives can use our internet connected POS system to enter trade orders when they are visiting customers, either on their phone, tablet, or computer. Any device with an internet connection and browser is find.

Back Orders

Back order quantity can be updated on individual products. You can either use unlimited back orders, or specify exactly how much you have on order. If you use purchase orders, then this aspect can be automated, with clear communication to customers of expected delivery dates.

Stock Balance Dates

You can produce historical stock summaries for a given date. We work backwards from the current stock levels, and negate all known movements since the current time. This provides a good balance of stock for a historical date.

You can optionally manage your inventory in VendHQ, or Unleashed, however, if you do, our reports won't capture the changes to stock levels entered via those systems. 

Stock Level Targeting

Our reports will help you identify product lines that are below desired stock levels. 

Each product can have a target inventory level, low stock level, and product location, which are used in out of stock reports.

You can enter replenishment quantity per product, based on the unit bundle sizes of your supplier

Cost of Goods Sold

We can use 3 methods to price the cost of your goods sold. If the supplier price is known, that price indicates the cost to replenish your stock. If you have been entering in the cost of items with stock movements, then we can calculate an average cost per unit, based on FIFO average. If either of those cost prices are unknown, we can apply a standard ratio to work backwards from your retail prices. 

API Integrations

We integrate with several Inventory and POS systems, to make it easier for you to deal with multiple depots/shops, or manufacturing processes. You can choose to make all your shops/depots available for online purchases, or only make 1 depot available for online purchases. Popular integrations include Unleashed, Vend, Dear, Tidy Stock, Xero and MYOB, and to see the fees associated with using these plugins, please login to the CMS for your CCY.