Other eCommerce Solutions

We have several eCommerce engines for powering different sorts of online commerce. This includes selling of digital products and photos, collecting donations, selling real estate, subscription products, event management and wedding wish lists.

  • Do you have more complex product pricing requirements? We now offer calculators that can determine manufactured product prices, coveragearea, material consumption, spans multiple dimensions, considers wastage, or controls quantity.
  • The most basic version of the shopping cart makes it easy to sell and manage the process of shipping widgets to your customers. Can be retail or password protected. Accept payment by credit card or any other option you choose. Manage the shipping process.
  • Sell PDF online or sell MP3 online or sell any other digital media online easily using our shopping cart. At the completion of an online sale, files will be emailed to the customer in real time. Multiple files can be purchased per order.

    There is a limit of 5MB per file as this is the maximum that can be sent by email.
  • Artists and photographers can sell photos online easily too. The option above is good for a small number of photos, but for sites with larger collections of event photos, we have a purpose built option for them. Upload your photos in bulk using FTP, and our system will automatically generate a thumbnail browser, and allow customers to order prints in a range of predetermined sizes.
  • Plain and simple, it lets customers quickly pay you some money with a reference number by a range of payment options.
  • Customers can start or renew a paid subscription to your website or club. The system can generate passwords and provide instant login access to secure areas of your website. The system can automatically generate and monitor expiry dates for the subscription
  • Maintain a series of property listings for sale or rent with several photos each. Users can email the listings to a friend.
  • Learn what can and cannot be customised here
  • Maintain events booking and registration for up and coming events/classes/seminars etc
  • We now have a wedding list and save basket feature
  • Our websites are served with ultra fast speeds, all around the world, via our content delivery network. Automatic country detection selects the right currency and shipping rates for your customers.
  • Our free shopping cart solution is included with every web hosting package. The free ecommerce software includes multiple currency processing, multiple payment options including online banking, Paypal and all major payment gateways. Our NZ developed and locally hosted shopping cart software is the best option for all New Zealand based merchants.