Customised Shopping Carts

A range of customised fields can be collected at checkout, but only on a per order basis (not per product).

Products can have 1 set of options that do not affect price, typically used for "sizing"

One file upload can be obtained at checkout, and this will be emailed to you as a separate email

Text can be inserted into many places throughout the checkout process.

An additional 3 custom fields can be stored per product. eg for make model and year or manufacture for example. This information is stored with the product catalogue, not with the order.

The buy button can be reworded to say "order" or "join" or "select" for example.

Multi currency tools are built in. You can have 2 base currencies with fixed product prices. Then you can have a range of fixed currency conversions to allow customers to checkout in their own currency (subject to support by your chosen payment gateways)

Pricing can be displayed in many different ways and deal with tax.

Freight can be calculated in a range of ways.

Discounts can be calculated in a range of ways, including optional promotional codes.

Vouchers can be redeemed.

There are 4 addressing formats, none, short, long and with the addition of a separate shipping address

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