Pricing Calculators - Complex Product Pricing

Pricing Calculators - Complex Product Pricing

Do you have more complex product pricing requirements? We now offer calculators that can determine manufactured product prices, coverage area and material consumption, spans multiple dimensions, considers wastage, or controls quantity.

You can either build/edit your own calculations, or our team can setup your products for you. No longer do you need to spend thousands on custom development for custom pricing. Now you can achieve a custom pricing outcome that you can tweak and maintain as you like, and duplicate and modify for similar products. Our optional setup fee is $200+gst per calculator, if you require us to do the work. 

Example use cases

Curtain Making

  • Instant quote and immediate checkout
  • Curtains consume material over 2 dimensions
  • Pleat style consumes different amounts of fabric, and may increase the number of drops
  • The fabric width determines the number of "drops", after considering options, hems and wastage
  • A wide range of fabrics may be associated with 1 making product, with each fabric having different widths
  • Patterned fabric may consume more fabric, but lining usage is similar to plain curtains. 
  • Fabric and making displayed as 2 separate line items on the order


  • Blinds may be supplied and priced by a third party using a tablular data
  • The price needs to be determined by a tabular lookup, then a margin applied

Window Joinery and Doors

  • Pricing based on 2 dimensions
  • Pricing based on sash count

House Washing / Painting

  • Customer enters their house height and wall lengths. 
  • Calculator considers total area
  • Calculator considers scafolding required where heights exceed a safe zone

Sign Making / Engraving

  • Customer enters the text they want a sign made for.
  • Pricing for the product is per letter, with a minimum/maxium letter count
  • Custom calculations will determine the total letter count.
  • Cost can be per letter including or excluding spaces.

How the Calculator Works

First you will need to enable the custom calculations plugin, then you can create an ordinary product. 

Initially you configure the product with options, to ask the customer to answer as many questions as is required to achieving the solution.

Pricing can be applied to an options per unit basis, or deferred to custom calculator steps. 

The calculation steps are then presented as simple equations that are saved as variables. 


  • MaterialDrops = (Width+200) * FullnessFactor / MaterialWidth
  • MaterialRequiredMilimeters = MaterialDrops * ( Height + 200 )
  • MaterialRequiredMeters = ROUND( LEAST(MaterialRequiredMilimeters / 1000, 1) , 1) 

Example Operations and Functions Available

Useful variables

size Text option chosen
colour Text option chosen
style Text option chosen
qty Qty of this item
material_qty qty of material
material_width_cm material dimension
material_height_cm material dimension
material_depth_cm material dimension
material_weight_grams material dimension
material_price material unit price
material_price_rrp material unit price
material_size material option chosen
material_colour material option chosen
material_style material option chosen
material_product_price material product price


= Equals Comparison
== Equals Comparison
<= Less than or equal
>= Greater than or equal to
&amp; AND
|| Or
+ Add
- Minus
* Multiply
/ Divide
^ To the power


ceil(x) higher integer
floor(x) lower integer
round(x) rounded integer
round(x,2) rounded decimal halfup
roundup(x,2) rounded decimal ceil
rounddown(x,2) rounded decimal floor
negate(x) negative
absolute(x) positive
squareroot(x) square root
not(x) opposite truth
least(x,y,z) lowest number
greatest(x,y,z) highest number
nozeros(x,y) if (x==0) then y
cos(x) trigonometry
acos(x) trigonometry
sin(x) trigonometry
asin(x) trigonometry
tan(x) trigonometry
atan(x) trigonometry
length(text) string length

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