International Ecommerce Solution - Internationalisation Considerations

Our websites are served with ultra fast speeds, all around the world, via our content delivery network (CDN). Our CDN locations include USA, England, Germany, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Automatic country detection selects the right currency and shipping rates for your customers.

Currencies can be selected by a customer, within a set of currencies that you are willing to support with compatible payment options.

International currency pricing can be fixed to a specific exchange rate, or updated automatically with a near live currency FX rate feed, including a 1% or 2% margin of your choice. Fixed rates are better for marketing goods to a specific country, so that your pricing remains stable day to day.

Address searches are preferenced for the country of the website visitor, and we can auto complete addresses for most countries. Users can easily edit their address if not perfect.

IP based localisation services are 99% accurate.

Addresses are verified internationally, and warnings given to merchants, to ensure you double check an address prior to shipping goods. This approach ensures the best usability for website visitors, such that they can successfully checkout, even if our system has a concern about their address.

You can use any language or character set with our content management system. You can reword any system prompts or headings to the target language of your choice.

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