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Website Builder helps you to create your own website quickly and easily. It only takes a minute to create your website using our website builder wizards, and it's the best way to see just how easy it is.

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What do I get?

View some examples of our live customer websites, created and updated using Web Widgets software. You can choose from one of our hundreds of professional free template designs, or pay us to design a custom look and feel. We can also help you integrate a design created from your existing graphics designer.


So how much does it cost?

It is free to create your website using our wizards. When you have finished building your website, you need to connect a web address. A fee of $29 per year applies to register new domain names (web address). A monthly hosting fee applies to make your website accessible by others on the Internet. Hosting plans start from $25 per month.  More pricing information can be found here.


So how do I start?

Just click the following button to begin building your site on our 30 day free trial. When you want to go live, just tell us. If you want us to migrate your existing website to our platform, we can do that too! More details of our migration service can be found here. 

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