Create Your Own Website for Free

Creating a Website is the Best Way to Grow Your Business

Your brand needs to reach your target customers and a website is the best way to do this.

At Website World, we provide business owners like you with one of the easiest and fastest free website builders online - and in one place too as along with email and website hosting, we also offer domain names too.

How to Create Your Own Website

Today is the day you will build your business a new website - and get it online! Here's how:

  1. Sign up for your free trial with Website World
  2. Choose one of our many free themed website templates
  3. Enter your contact details - and NO credit card details are required
  4. Add or remove pages on your website
  5. Add content to your website, including products and photos
  6. Add payment and shipping methods to your website
  7. GO LIVE!

1. Sign Up for Your Free Website Trial

Our free website builder was designed with all experience levels in mind - from complete website newbies through to professional web designers. Simple enough for a beginner to build their own website, but with plenty of customisable features that web designers can create bespoke sites for their clients. 

2. Choose Your Free Website Theme

With pre-designed professional templates available for so many different website types, you're spoilt for choice. We've done all the hard work for you, providing you with templates that are easy to customise, versatile and incredibly functional. You can choose using filters to help narrow down your options, including by colour, features, categories and eCommerce functions. 

3. Add Your Contact Details

No credit card is needed here! Simply add the name of your website and your contact details to start your free trial. You'll be sent an email with a login link and a temporary password which will take you to the dashboard where you have full control over your website.

4. Add and Remove Pages on Your Website

Adding and removing pages is done with the click of a button. Your website will come with pre-determined pages according to the type of site you selected earlier. These can be deleted or edited by you easily. You can add products to your site individually or in bulk using CSV files. 

5. Add Content to Your Website

You have the choice of multiple editors to use when adding new content to your website. Our three most popular editors include Word Style (TinyMCE), Drag and Drop and ContentBox. As our templates and pages are incredibly flexible, you can add and remove pre-designed pages or parts of pages, change the position of text, headings and images, add buttons and videos and link to other pages within and outside your website.

6. Choose Your Payment Gateways & Freight Options

One of the great things about creating your website with Website World is that you choose the payment gateways and freight options to use - not us! Our shopping cart integrates with several payment gateways for free!!! A payment gateway is required to collect the money from the customer's credit card, and deposit the money into your bank account. A payment gateway is typically a bank, or a third party, that specialises in payment gateway solutions. You can see the payment gateways we integrate with here. 

7. Make Your Website Live

The great thing about websites is that they can always be updated when they are live. As long as you're happy with the way your website looks and functions, then you can Go Live! Simply organise your domain name, click upon the Go Live button and pay for at least your first months hosting in advance. It's that easy.

Owned and operated in New Zealand, we're proud to support our local businesses with a better eCommerce option. If you have any questions about creating your business website or have an existing site you'd like us to move to our platform, we welcome your enquiries.