Getting Started with Google Ads

Are you in a hurry to get your website further up the Google list? Consider joining a pay per click program.  On Google you can "bid" for keywords, and have your advert immediately displayed to anyone who types those keywords. Adwords are the small text adverts down the right of the page when you search on google.  They are also the sponsored links at the very top of the page on google.

Google Adwords and similar pay per click programs cost money. It also takes some time to set up. Read on.

Heres how to DIY Google Ads

First sign up for Google Ads.

Geographical Region

Select a geographical region that is relevant to your business. Only target other countries if you think you really could have significant impact there, and have the opportunity to service them properly, with timely support, and same language etc. To begin with, it is prudent to start with your own country. eg if you provide a product or service that is not unique, then you should always use your own country.  Expand your horizons once you have mastered the art of adwords.

Choosing Keywords

What will your potential customers enter as keywords into google if they were looking for your business?

Lets take a "shoe repair" shop in Auckland for example. If you use "shoes" as your keyword, you might be mistaken for a place that sells shoes, or makes shoes.  Use key phrases like "Shoe repairs" "highheel repairs" "heel repairs" "fix shoes" etc. It is always better to be precise.

You might like your advert to be displayed to as many people as possible, but google will not allow it. Your advert will be cancelled if you do not use keywords highly relevant to your business.  Use keywords that exactly describe your business.  Be specific, not generic. It works best to be more specific.  If people don't click on your advert, then google will disable your advert.

Don't waste money on adwords for your company name nor product names (if they are unique to your business). Focus your attention on the generic phrases people use to find businesses like yours, or products/services like yours. 

Writing your Advert

Make sure your advert is closely related to your keywords. It is a good idea for your advert title to include the keywords in it. Imagine that you have just searched for "red high heels" and you see an advert titled "red high heels on sale" and another called "shoes are us".  Which would you rather click on? Obviously, you typed the keywords you are searching for, so the advert that most matches those keywords is the advert you are most likely to click on. So it might be a good idea to write several adverts, one for each similar set of keyphrases.

Save Cost Tip #1 - Do not compete with SEO

Do not waste money on key phrases were you already rank high organically. This will be your biggest cost saving.

  • Do not use for your company name, you should already be #1, #2 and #3 on google for your company name, if your SEO is good. Focus on SEO for your company name and trading names. 
  • Do not use for your unique product names. If your product names are unique to your business, eg if you manufacture the items, then you should use SEO techniques to organically get to #1. It should not be hard if no one else is using those phrases. Don't waste money on it. 

Save Cost Tip #2 - Add Negative Keywords

Constantly review the historically used "Search Terms" tab, under "Keywords" tab... Look for phrases that do not make sense for what you are targeting, and convert those phrases to "Negative keywords". For example, in our business we target the phrase "Shopping Carts", but we would make "wire framed shopping carts" a negative keyword, so we don't waste money on people looking for physical shopping carts. You can tick phrases you don't like and "add as negative keyword".

Save Cost Tip #3 - Avoid Broad Match Keywords

Once you have been running for a month or so, and have a good list of keyphrases loaded, you will want to convert your key phrase matching from "broad match" into "phrase match" or "exact match". Broad matches are often prone to picking up too many variations that don't really match what you intended. When you convert to phrase matching or exact matching, then you will need to ensure you have added all the variations you do want to support. View your previoulsy matched "Search Terms" report to ensure that you are going to capture them. You can tick them and "add as keyword".

Save Cost Tip #4 - Cost per click

Limit your bids on specific phrases where you feel the cost per click is too high. Or where a popular keyphrase is not converting as well. 

Save Cost Tip #5 - Link Google Analytics in Website World CMS

Make sure you have added your analytics tracking code and Analytics account ID in our SEO area. This will ensure that google can track your advertising success, and adjust it's display algorithm to help you get more clicks that convert.