Included SEO Features

  • Our content management system automatically formulates best practise meta titles that get you ranked and listed higher on google. You can over-ride with your own meta tags, titles, description and keywords, by merely filling in the boxes when you "rename" each page. Or the SEO expert of your choice can do this for you.
  • Our page templates are SEO friendly "under the hood". Your content is generated with simple <h1> and <p> tags, to ensure Google and other search engines can easily identify your content.
  • Most of our new menus use the industry standard CSS/List Item menus. All our menus, old and new, use natural links.
  • We automatically generate page footers containing your company name and region name, to ensure that your region name is always associated with all content on your page, and so your company name is associated with every page of your website, even if you forget to type it yourself.
  • Website World uses natural URLs for most pages, including dynamically generated pages. You can over-ride these with your own keyword friendly filenames.
  • All our product images have product title friendly "alt tags".
  • Our link wizards automatically insert keyphrase text that you can over-ride if you want.
  • We automatically generate sitemaps and breadcrumb trails, to maximise the quality of your internal linking and page ranking.
  • All your product pages will have their meta tags generated automatically based on your product information.  This will ensure that every product has unique meta data. This is great for the SEO "long tail"

Now that the basics are taken care of by us, all you need to do is to work out your keyphrases, and write compelling, optimised content.