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  • So someone has posted something negative on your business Facebook page? Rather than panicking, deleting the comment or hiding in a cupboard, take the time to turn what could be a PR disaster into building some positive publicity instead. A complaint dealt with professionally, respectively and which provides a solution to the problem can do wonders for your business.
    Posted: Tuesday 8 March 2016
  • We often get asked why we charge a setup fee for configuring DNS services for a third party web hosting service. And this is why. It's like taking your own food into a cafe, buying a coffee,
    then asking the cafe to heat up your food.
    Posted: Thursday 3 March 2016
  • Facebook engagement has always been around, but has become more important recently because it is one way to increase the number of people who see your posts, without you paying to promote them. Facebook is now deliberately showing less of your business posts to your fans and using the engagement rate on each of your posts to choose which posts they push through and which they don’t.
    Posted: Monday 8 February 2016
  • When you have a lot of traffic, there can be some big risks in SEO strategies. We recently redirected all our SEO might at a single domain name,, away from, with a hope that any traffic we may lose from NZ, we would gain on international ranking, with all else being equal. What happened?
    Posted: Sunday 26 July 2015
  • Testing new international web server nodes
    We are currently implementing tests of new web server nodes in several locations around the world. Previously we supported Auckland, Sydney, Ireland and California. We are now extending this to Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, and San Paulo.
    Posted: Wednesday 27 May 2015
  • Some users may see a phishing warning when entering the CMS. Please ignore that message, or use a different web browser for the next few days. The issue was dealt with quickly but we need to wait for google staff to disable the warning mesage. Do you need to be alarmed? No, it's ok to proceed through that warning. Learn more
    Posted: Saturday 23 May 2015
  • Sometimes the technical jargon confuses, so i'll use some simpler terms today.
    Posted: Friday 24 April 2015
  • Today we have launched our new global content delivery network (CDN). Our CDN delivers your websites to your end users from the closed node. We serve your website content from 4 separate locations around the world to ensure the fastest download times.
    Posted: Wednesday 22 April 2015
  • As of today we no longer use the Fastly CDN service. Website Builder is now hosted on the largest most powerful cloud platform AWS (Amazon Web Services). AWS provides a superior speeds for us to host our website builder powered websites at multiple locations around the world.
    Posted: Wednesday 4 March 2015
  • We will shortly be migrating our web services to a new data center. This data center is provided by Amazon Web Services, and provides a fantastic infrastructure for us to manage our existing customers, and grow bigger, and provide faster access to our CMS service from around the world.
    Posted: Wednesday 7 January 2015
  • At the end of last year we added address auto completion to various forms and shopping carts. Address auto completion is powered by Google using data from many different providers around the world. This speeds up data entry for users, and encourages auto completion and use of post codes. However, sometimes issues with address layout or odd choices of province name may occur. In addition, there are issues with rural delivery numbers not provided by google.
    Posted: Tuesday 6 January 2015
  • As usual we give to charity rather than send Christmas gifts to customers. Please see an update of where your money goes. This update is from Oxfam to whom we gave $10000. We also committed to give $4800 annually to Fred Hollows foundation. We also give to various children s charities.
    Posted: Tuesday 16 December 2014
  • Address Auto Complete
    We have recently added google auto complete features to most of our address forms, like checkout, and membership registration.
    This ensures data is in a standard format.
    Posted: Wednesday 10 December 2014
  • Reuben reviews the nz telecommunications industry and tv subscription services.
    Posted: Thursday 21 August 2014
  • Wix looks cool, until you want to do something serious with ecommerce, then you are limited to Paypal as your payment provider.... With website builder you can choose any NZ payment gateway, and integrate with Xero, Vend, Unleashed, Fastway, etc.
    Posted: Monday 4 August 2014
  • For the last year we have promoted our shopping cart under it's own brand name Xoren. We have since decided to bring the content back under the website builder brand, and we will only refer to our whole product offering as "website builder" from now on.
    Posted: Monday 28 July 2014
  • We have implemented a new loyalty points system for our merchants. It is now available for beta testing
    Posted: Friday 25 July 2014
  • New Default Mobile Template
    The new default mobile template now looks something like this.
    Posted: Tuesday 10 June 2014
  • We are looking for a freelance designer or programmer who wants free rent to run their own business, plus some stable income from 2-3 hours work per day. We can provide you with a constant stream of new web customers too.
    Posted: Monday 5 May 2014
  • Do you really want every invoice you generate in Xero or other accounting system or not? It could be easier and cheaper to keep all that detail out of your accounting software and just focus on the daily or monthly totals.
    Posted: Thursday 17 April 2014

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