What Is Website Ranking?

Everybody wants to be found by search engines, but many of us are not clear on how it all actually works. How does Google choose which websites to show first? Why is my competitor’s website coming before mine even though we sell the same products? It all has to do with how your website is ranked. Let’s delve deeper into what website rank actually means.

What Is Website Rank?

The terms website rank and page rank are actually not the same thing, though they are often thought of as being. Your website rank is most likely referring to your Alexa ranking, which is actually your traffic ranking. Alexa is an enormous global website which measures the amount of traffic going to your website. The problem is though, unless you are a really popular website, you are unlikely to even have a ranking on Alexa unless you install their tracking metrics onto your site. This traffic data is then compared to others you are given your website ranking. Our current Alexa ranking shows we are the 855,028th most popular website in the world.

Traffic data and ranking is not all that Alexa can provide you with. You can also see information such as which countries visitors come from, search traffic numbers, search engine keywords used, sites that link to it, which pages visitors view, which websites they arrived from and audience demographics. All of that information can be seen for free about your site, if you rank or if you have installed their tracking data.

What is Page Rank?

Google PageRank is measured and controlled by Google. It is based upon the number of sites which link to yours and a Google algorithm. However, it is the quality of the links which counts in determining if your website page shows before another in Google search engine results. Google has publically said though that their PageRank is not the most important metric which website owners should use to measure themselves against. It is also not a major factor for SEO, but in saying that, good quality backlinks can still help raise your PageRank. You can check your PageRank on PR Checker, but like Alexa, small websites are unlikely to have a ranking at all. Our PageRank is 5 out of 10!

How Can I Boost My Website and Page Rankings?

Raising your website ranking and being more easily found by search engines is called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. You can do this by:

  • Using Keyword Phrases – while it is important to use keyword phrases (the words people use to find content like yours), it still needs to be read well, like someone talking to you.

  • Monitoring Keyword Density – keywords are important, but over using them will get you ranking lower than others using them carefully on their web pages.

  • Naming Your Pages – Give each web page a name which accurately describe what it is about

  • Use search friendly graphics – Your images need to be given attributes such as your keywords, as Google cannot ‘read’ pictures.

If you are wanting great SEO, then firstly have one of our websites and secondly, reading our SEO tips gives you a lot of ideas on improving it yourself or finding a professional to do it for you!

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Posted: Saturday 15 October 2016


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