Writing Persuasive Website Copy Which Sells

Websites are there to sell your products or services, but they do have a significant disadvantage to a physical store – people can’t see, touch or feel anything – other than emotion. The emotion is what is going to sell your products, so you need to write persuasive web copy. Nielsen research showed that 79% of website visitors actually only read headlines and scan for keywords, which makes it even more important that you pay particular attention to what you put on your pages and how you present it.

Tips On Writing Website Content Which Gets Read

As most visitors to your website are only going to scan your pages, you need to make it easy for them to do so in such a way that your key message gets across.

  • Use bullet point lists

  • Highlight keywords in coloured or bold font

  • Use one idea per paragraph

  • Have meaningful sub-headings

  • Start with the conclusion at the beginning of each page

What Makes Web Copy Persuasive?

When you are writing product descriptions or information on your services, there are some guidelines which you need to follow to convince people to firstly read it, then buy from you.

Write like you talk.

A great one sided conversation between you and your website visitor is what needs to be happening on each of your pages. It can be tricky to make your writing sound like talking when you are directly typing it, but you can try recording what you want to say, then play it back and transcribe it.

Give both the benefits and features

When describing your product or service, not only do you need to tell your audience why something is so great, but what makes it so great too. Write the benefits first and then the features. For instance; (Benefit) Your information won’t disappear from your loaded internet pages if your connection drops (feature) because our database has an asynchronous connection preventing it from doing so.

Put important information first

Not everybody will make it down to the bottom of your page, so you need to have your most important information at the top for them to read it first. They will want to know at a glance that you can help them, then want to know how you can do it and possibly then want to know more about you.

Use carewords

Carewords are the words which everyone is looking for. They are the everyday words we use, rather than the fussy or embellished words people use to describe themselves or their products. For example, if you wanted to buy a plane ticket, would you search for ‘cost effective flights’ or ‘cheap flights’?

Try to make your website text as simple as you can. Don’t over think things or complicate your copy with scientific or fancy words. Although it can be hard at first, the more you practise writing copy which sells, the better you get at it.

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Have you written some great copy which sold plenty of your products before? What made it so great? Let us know!  

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Posted: Sunday 15 January 2017


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