Writing High Performing Product Descriptions

Writing Awesome Product Descriptions

When it comes to writing high performing product descriptions, there's no luck or magic involved. Instead it's about:

  • knowing your target audience
  • describing the product benefits
  • using the right language and tone
  • text which is easy to scan
  • using great product images
  • optimising for search engines

We're going to look at each of these things individually, helping you to write high performing product descriptions for your online store.

6 Things Product Descriptions Need to Increase Sales

A product description is a marketing tool which is used to explain what a product is and why it should be purchased. The goal of a product description is to provide enough information about the product, including the features and benefits, that the customer will buy it. To achieve this goal, a product description requires you to:

  1. Know your target audience - your buyer persona or target audience refers to the highly specific characteristics of the type of customer you are wanting to attract and sell to. When you are writing your product description, write it as if you were only talking and selling to them.
  2. Accurately and clearly describe the product benefits - in a product description, as well as the features of the product, you must specifically focus upon the benefits it will provide the customer with. 
  3. Use the most appropriate language and tone - if you read aloud your product description, does it sound like you are having a one on one conversation with your customer? Use natural language like you would if the customer was there in person.
  4. Ensure your text is easy to scan - with only about 16% of text on a web page being read, it's important that customers can quickly see the most important points. Use white space, different size text, headings, bullet points and colours to make it easier to read. 
  5. Include clear product images - high quality product images, particularly those which demonstrate the product in use and showcase the product benefits can significantly increase sales. Use a variety of photos as without touching your product, customers rely heavily on them when making their buying decision.
  6. Optimise for SEO - search engine optimisation in a product description is about writing naturally and including your keywords in the heading, a product title, filename, meta description and within the description itself. Avoid overusing it as less is best in this case.

Our Guide on How to Write Product Descriptions goes into further details about the key things a successful product description needs, plus shares further tips on the writing of your descriptions and optimising for SEO. 

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Posted: Friday 28 May 2021