How to Increase Website Sales at Christmas

How to Increase Website Sales at Christmas

Each December, online sales skyrocket. Retailers are busy promoting their products and shoppers are busy buying them! To ensure your website doesn't miss out, having a Christmas marketing plan is essential. Today we're sharing with you ten things you'll need to organise so your site is ready to sell out!

10 Tips On Increasing Your Website Sales at Christmas

The secret to your business' Christmas success is planning. Now is a great time to start! Here are ten tips to help you with your online Christmas marketing plan.

  1. Decide on your products - are you introducing new products to your ecommerce store? Are they only available over the festive season, or are they new additions to your range? Will they be offered at an initial discount or bundled together or with other products? Traditionally customers like new product lines around October to December.
  2. Promotions - will you be having any Christmas only promotions? How will you announce them to attract people to your website? Will there be a promotional gift guide to help customers choose the perfect gifts? It's a good time to up and cross-sell your products with each other. You could do this by using featured products, articles about using multiple products together, product bundles and multi-product discounts.
  3. Decorate your website - just like a physical store, customers like to see Xmas decorations on a website too. Change your banner, add some themed greetings and even a colour change to reflect the time of the year.
  4. Offer free gift wrapping - clearly announce that you will wrap all gifts free of charge for your customers. This is a huge drawcard, even if they're just buying it for themselves!
  5. Offer free shipping - make the decision to buy from your store easy by providing free shipping. Whether it's for all orders or only those of a certain value, it takes the customer's agreement to pay for postage out of their buying decision.
  6. Product photography - how will you capture the festive spirit in your product photos? Will you stage your new products next to Xmas themed props, or Photoshop in graphics?
  7. Advertising - now is the time to start emailing regular newsletters to your list, sharing on social media and looking into other advertising avenues. Decide on what you want to promote, where it will be done, your budget for the season and if you are directing the ads to a specially created landing page.
  8. Christmas content - make up a social media content sharing plan, plus one for your website too. This includes articles on your products and other Christmas themes your target audience relates with.
  9. Use product scarcity - showing customers exactly how many units you have of a set product encourages them to order to avoid missing out.
  10. Have clear terms - state the last date for orders for the product to arrive by Christmas. Be clear on your return policy, cost of shipping and when any discounts end too.

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Posted: Friday 19 October 2018