6 Benefits of Selling Digital Products

Why Sell Digital Products?

You may be wondering if there is a market for digital products? Would people prefer to purchase a digital product over a physical one? Is it profitable to sell digital products from my website? How can it benefit me? 

Let's take a look.

6 Benefits of Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products on your eCommerce store can be highly profitable. We think these are the top six most compelling reasons why you should be selling digital products online:

  1. Low overhead and start up costs - you won't need to purchase and store products before you begin, reducing your financial outlay and risk.
  2. Always in stock - a digital product can never run out of stock, meaning it will always be available to purchase. There's no stock taking to worry about, and no storage necessary either. It's a good idea to have multiple copies of your digital product stored in different locations, such as portable drives and the cloud to ensure it is not lost.
  3. No shipping required - your digital product will be delivered to your customer via an automated download link they receive in an email after payment is confirmed. Our article How to Sell an eBook On Your Website explains how to upload a digital product and what happens once it sells. 
  4. World-wide market - a digital product can be delivered anywhere in the world at anytime. Available 24/7, it can bring you a passive income also.
  5. Large profit margins - once the costs for creating the product are complete, there are no more, making a digital product potentially highly profitable.
  6. Affiliate promotion - with a large profit margin, there is the potential for you to create an affiliate program whereby you give a % of each sale to someone who makes a referral resulting in a sale.

For more information about what digital products you could sell on your website, please take a read of our article Products to Sell Online That Don't Need Shipping. 

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Posted: Monday 9 September 2019