Green Hosting

We're Committed to Providing Green Web Hosting

Website World are proud to offer green web hosting to our customers. 

We have achieved this by choosing AWS as the majority provider of our data centre services, and purchasing excess carbon offsets from Toitu Envirocare, a New Zealand based provider of carbon offsets.

Website World purchases the majority of our data center services from AWS. 

We did so because AWS are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their data centers and reaching net-zero carbon 10 years before required by the Paris Agreement. AWS are on track to powering their operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025.

AWS also provide us with an official report as to the carbon footprint of our data center service usage. By using the AWS carbon footprint tool, we are able to continually track and measure our hosting emissions with AWS, and take action to have a net carbon zero footprint.

Even though our carbon footprint is near zero, Website World has committed to purchasing excess carbon offsets from a New Zealand based provider of carbon offsets, to ensure we achieve a net carbon zero footprint. In turn, we have received a Carbon Offset Certificate, also known as a VER which is shown here. 

In addition, the owner of Website World drives an EC and is committed to positive environmental outcomes.

Why Choose a Green Web Host?

Powering the internet are an ever growing number of large data centres located all over the world. These data centres use electricity to operate the servers and drives, which use energy. They also produce large amounts of heat, which either require powered cooling units or similar to help prevent over heating and maintain a suitable temperature within the data centre. 

The benefits of choosing green web hosting include:

  • reducing your environmental impact
  • positive and eco-friendly brand image
  • marketing opportunities
  • ability to make a difference to the environment
  • customers are actively choosing to support eco-friendly businesses

We would love to help host your website with our sustainable hosting service, either with our powerful website builder or a WordPress site. We can help migrate your website to our platform, and can even host your domains too. Get in touch with our friendly team today and together we'll all enjoy a greener future.  

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Posted: Wednesday 29 June 2022