12 Blogs of Christmas: Your Website's Christmas Content Guide

On the 12th Blog of Christmas...

You've been blogging all year long and now that Christmas is approaching, you've run out of ideas about what to post. It's okay though, because you have an entire year's worth of information to share with your website visitors! We've got 12 end of year blog ideas for you.

12 Blog Ideas to End the Year On a High

At the start of the year, you most likely created a content plan for your website. Now that the year is ending, your blog topic ideas are probably used up. However there are still plenty of things you can base a blog post, such as our 12 blogs of Christmas...

  1. Your close-down information - if your office is shutting over the holidays, or you are heading away on holiday and won't be able to ship orders, let your customers know. Include details of when your business will be closed, what level of assistance you can provide during that time and how to contact your business in an emergency. 
  2. Celebrations - let your audience know about the wins you have had during the year. New products, awards, new staff members or any special events your business took part in. 
  3. New Year details - what is happening next year for your business? The arrival of new products, a new invoicing system or a redesigned website? Let everyone know what they can expect to see next year.
  4. Popular posts - what were your business' most popular blogs or social media posts? Create a new blog listing what they were and including details or images of them.
  5. Gift guide - ideal for B2C businesses, a gift guide can take the hassle out of shopping for your customers, while encouraging them to purchase from your business.
  6. New learning - what has your business learnt this year that will help it improve and move forwards next year? Customers like to know how their user experiences will be improved.
  7. Acts of goodwill - how have you helped the community throughout the year? Did you do any fundraising efforts or volunteering? Let people know about it in a blog.
  8. Christmas recipes - why not share your favourite Christmas recipes with your followers, or create a blog based upon theirs? Ideal for a business in the food or hospitality industry. 
  9. Say thanks - let your readers know just how much you have appreciated their support during the year. You may wish to add a small thank you code within the blog for a discount on your website.
  10. Spread the cheer - maybe it is a code for free shipping, or mention the blog when shopping in store for a yummy mince pie - it's all about giving your readers a seasonal bit of happiness.
  11. Christmas tips - create a blog listing ways in which your followers can reduce their stress levels over the silly season. This could include some planning lists, shopping lists, how to cope with family over the holidays or ideas on keeping the kids busy.
  12. Share your holiday favourites - it's true that customers love finding out more about you and your staff outside of work. Perhaps create a blog letting them know what you are doing over the holidays, what your favourite traditions are and how you celebrate Christmas in your family.

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Posted: Monday 11 November 2019