What is a Landing Page?

There's often a lot of confusion about what a landing page is. The truth is, a landing page is a page you have specifically created for a set purpose and which you direct a set audience to. While any page on your website could be called a landing page, digital marketers refer to a landing page as being a standalone page with one focused objective - your call to action.

Often you'll find that a landing page is not created with organic traffic in mind. Instead traffic is directed there through other means, such as Facebook ads, AdWords campaigns or links in emails. Because the content has been created for a very specific target audience, a landing page also has a higher conversion rate than other website pages.

Are Home Pages & Landing Pages the Same Thing?

Once again, this is where it can get confusing. Your home page is a page which you do want people to land upon. It may be where you send people from your paid advertising campaigns and social media, plus get general organic traffic too. But your home page is not a highly targeted piece of content. Here are the main differences between a home page and a landing page:

A home page:

  • has a general target audience. For example, you sell baby clothes and your target audience is pregnant women, new mothers and grandparents.
  • has plenty of links to other pages on your site. This could be through the menu, hyperlinks in the text, links on images and even social media links. The links are there to help them navigate through your site and interact with your business.
  • has a lot of general content. It describes your business and what services or products you sell. For example, your website sells fruit, so you talk about all the fruit you sell.
  • may have a general call to action, but often doesn't.

A landing page:

  • has a highly targeted audience. For example, you sell baby clothes, but you want to promote a innovative bib design. Your target audience is mothers of 9 month old babies who have severe reflux.
  • has no links as your goal is to get them to convert.Links are distracting, so you don't want them to follow any as this takes them away from your call to action.
  • has highly specific content on it which relates only to your conversion goal and call to action. For example, your website sells fruit, but your landing page only contains content about apples - why to buy them, how to buy them etc.
  • has a specific call to action, such as sign up to my newsletter or order now. A landing page almost always has a form contained within it too.

What Should My Landing Page Look Like?

A great landing page has several key features. They are:

  1. Page titles which relate to the advertisement copy which sent visitors to it
  2. Headings which are clear and concise
  3. Perfect grammar and spelling
  4. Uses trust indicators such as testimonials or reviews
  5. Has strong call to action text
  6. Has easily identified and clickable CTA buttons
  7. The important content is above the fold - so they don't need to scroll down the page
  8. Contains videos and images which directly relate to your text copy
  9. Matches your brand colours, fonts and styles

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Posted: Thursday 15 March 2018