What Type of Content Should I Create?

What type of content should you create for your website? What does each piece of content need to be successful? What about SEO for the content? We dive into understand the types of website content, things it should contain and SEO pointers for each individual page. 

Types of Website Content

There are multiple types of website content you can create, including:

  • Blogs & articles - these are written content that provide information for your target audience. These are meant to educate and entertain, and will often have specific keywords to come up in SERPs.
  • Photos - photos are attention grabbing and are shareable. They have the ability to quickly tell a reader what the content is about without words. 
  • Videos - videos on your website can provide a significant amount of information in a short period of time. But video is not something that gets engaged with often, as people usually don't click the play button. However, having your video on YouTube or Vimeo gives it a bigger audience and when shown on your website helps to build your brand.
  • Quizzes - quizzes are a great way of keeping people on a page for a considerable amount of time. 
  • Forms - forms are ways that people can submit information to you or to request information based upon your call to action.
  • Case studies - usually used only for business to business companies, case studies will demonstrate how a product or service helped a customer solve a problem.
  • FAQs - a list of frequently asked questions gives your audience specific information on common topics quickly.
  • Infographics - infographics give your target audience specific information in a visual and text combination quickly. 

Important Things Great Content Needs

Every piece of written (and most non text related) website content you create needs:

  1. a well thought out headline - your headline is not just what attracts your audience to a specific page, but also encourages them to read past the heading.
  2. to be highly specific - you want the focus of your content to be very narrow, as not only is it easier to write, but also provides significant value on a specific topic, which is better for SERPs results.
  3. to be written for your target audience - they are the ones you want to be visiting, staying and following your CTAs on your website. 
  4. to use your brand voice - your brand is an important and valuable tool. Your content needs to be written using its specific voice/personality so that it is easily recognised as belonging to your brand.
  5. to be content your audience wants - this means you need to create not only the desired type of content, but use the right topic for it too.

SEO Pointers to Follow When Creating Content

There are also specific SEO things you should be using when creating your content too. While this list is mostly for written text, many will also be of value for other types of content.

  • your keyword needs to be at the start of your title
  • if possible, your keyword should also be in the page URL
  • use H1 (needs to be at the top of the page, is the most important heading and you only use one per page), H2 (second most important heading and can be used multiple times under the H1) and H3 headings (can be used below H2 headings throughout your text, but is recommended for use only with large volumes of page content).
  • add your keyword into the opening paragraph of the page
  • make sure you write your meta tags, which includes your meta descriptions for every page
  • add both internal links and outbound links
  • be visual, as great graphics, videos and photos are likely to keep a reader on a page for longer, lowering your bounce rate
  • use your keyword in your image file name and alt text

Where to Next? 

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Posted: Friday 26 January 2024