5 Ways to Increase the Success of Your Email Marketing Efforts

Email marketing remains a dominant player in online marketing. Unfortunately though, it has been overused to the point where it is viewed negatively. Email spam happens all too often, and many people are hesitant to subscribe to newsletters etc. because of past experiences.

However, email marketing on average provides a business with 23% of their total sales - if done well. It's that 'doing well' that counts, and in this article we're focusing on just how to do that.

5 Strategies Which Can Improve Email Marketing Success

Growing your email list should remain one of your most important tasks, as should the creation of content to send to your list. The good news is that it isn't dependent upon any algorithms, nor the amount of money you pay in advertising. But there are five things you can do which can help you achieve your email marketing goals:

  1. Declutter your email list - a small and more engaged list is far better than a large list with stale emails. It is disappointing to cull names and emails from a marketing list, but doing so lets you focus your attention on those who are truly wanting to hear from you. Look through and remove the contacts which are undeliverable and those who have not opened one of your emails for over 12 months. From here, you could further group your list into little groups based upon the recipient's interests, how they joined your list and the types of content they click through from your newsletter to your website.
  2. Check for spam triggers - to avoid your bulk emails being blocked, check them for spam triggers. Your recipients' email service providers are likely to scan your emails looking for triggers which can include specific words and phrases, multiple links to any website and being heavy on images. You can send a test of your email to somewhere like Mail Tester which will check and rate your email spammyness. 
  3. Keep things simple - your newsletter design and template will be seen on multiple devices and email providers. It may look great for you, but fail to download for someone else. Keeping your design clean and simple is best, and that's where our bulk email solution can help. The drag and drop editor lets you easily customise your email with headings, images and text, as well as providing a pre-designed editable option too.
  4. Write a great subject line - your email subject line is what a recipient uses to decide if they want to open your email or not. Some of the characteristics of successful email subject lines convey urgency, are brief, give a call to action, ask a question, are relevant, personalised and witty. 
  5. Be interesting - once your email has been opened, make sure it contains information the recipient will want to read. Personal references, a topic the reader is interested in and content that matches the email subject topic are all important. Make sure you have proofread your newsletter to check it makes sense, has no errors and any links are working correctly. 

For further support on using bulk emails, take a read of our articles What is Bulk Email? and How to Grow Your Email List Subscribers. 

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Posted: Wednesday 9 February 2022