How to Grow Your Email List Subscribers

Your list of email subscribers are one of the most valuable assets your business can have. They're the names and email addresses of people who have given explicit permission for you to contact them. Subscribers do so for a variety of reasons, including to learn more about your products or services, receive promotional and event information about your business, for education purposes or in exchange for something you give them.

While this all sounds great, the problem is that its not easy to get people to subscribe and that's where the information in this article comes into play. We'll also demonstrate in a video how to add a subscriber form to your website!

5 Ideas to Increase Your Email Subscriber List

Try these five ideas to increase your email subscriber numbers:

  1. run a competition - in exchange for an entry into a competition, an entrant needs to provide their email address and any other required contact details
  2. create additional bonus content - provide a basic introduction on a topic, and then give the opportunity to gain access to more in-depth information by giving an email address
  3. create an online tool - a calculator, plugin or image resizer are all examples of free tools you may want to create and then offer to your audience for their email address
  4. provide an eBook - compile an eBook containing information your target audience wants to know more about. Set up an auto delivery of it to new subscribers
  5. offer a range of content to pick from - let your new subscribers pick what they want; an eBook, discount, free shipping...

Additional Ideas to Increase Subscriber Signups

Besides offering something to subscribers in return for their details, there are things you can do to increase your email subscription successes, including:

  • start writing a regular blog and encourage readers to subscribe to it
  • create a dedicated landing page for subscriptions
  • use calls to action throughout your website, encouraging people to sign up
  • promote your subscription in your YouTube video descriptions and on social media
  • try a different opt-in button style or colour on your calls to action and subscribe buttons
  • vary the location of your subscriber form to see if one area is more successful than another
  • use a popup such as one at the end of your articles or upon page exit areas
  • add a tick box to subscribe to your newsletter to your checkout area
  • remove distractions from the subscriber page so that is the only message or CTA on that page
  • add a subscription opt-in link in your email footer to capture those not on your website
  • split test your subscriber form text, colours and sizes to see which combination is most successful
  • use social proof, such as how many people have already benefited by signing up
  • create a fun quiz for people to complete, and to receive their results they need to sign up
  • make sure that your signup forms and popups work for mobile devices too
  • use affiliates to increase your subscription numbers
  • host webinars in return for contact details
  • work with complimentary businesses to promote each other and encourage signups

Let's take a look at how you can put in place a subscriber form using the Website World platform to begin growing your email list subscribers.

How to Add a Subscriber Form to Your Website

There are a couple of ways you can collect new subscribers via your website:

  • a stand alone subscribe page
  • a subscribe form at the bottom of a page
  • a popup with a subscribe option
  • a lead magnet page

You can also use the services of a professional web designer to complete this and other design tasks too. 

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Posted: Thursday 3 February 2022