SEO Trends for 2020

What Are 2020's SEO Trends?

Top SEO Trends for 2020

What should you concentrate your search engine optimisation efforts on for this year? Will content still be king, or will it be replaced by backlinks? Will featured snippets become the ultimate goal, or will they be replaced by something else to aim for?

We look at what the SEO experts are saying the top 2020 SEO trends will be.

6 SEO Trends to Watch for in 2020

We've done our research and identified six SEO trends that will likely be the most important aspects to focus your attention on in 2020:

  1. User Focused Content - thanks to Google's new BERT algorithm, it has become more important to create website content which users are specifically looking for. This means focusing more on what your website visitors are wanting, and less on keyword research.
  2. High Quality Content - as search engines become more 'picky' in the type of content they show in their results pages, your content will need to become even better than it has been. Website content which is unique, well researched, accurate and providing significant value to your audience is vital.
  3. Your Reputation - how your customers see your levels of expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness will be vital to your success online. As well as providing exceptional content, having reviews and testimonials will also play a large role.
  4. User Experience - the journey and experience people have when using your website will be very important. This includes loading speed, web design and how your page menus are organised. 
  5. Mobile Responsive Website - if you're website isn't yet mobile responsive, get it fixed ASAP. As more people use mobile devices to search online, if your website doesn't function well in that format, you'll be missing out. It's also important to check what type of content mobile users verses desktop users are searching for on your site too.
  6. Link Building - links from other websites to yours is growing in importance. In order to encourage other websites to link to your site, you need to have content of such a high standard that they want to share it. To achieve this, there are three recommended content types to have on your website: 1. planned editorial, which are topics covered every year at a specific time (Valentines Day etc), 2. planned reactive editorial, which are articles on topics linked to seasonal events, but the exact focus of the topic is unknown and 3. reactive editorial - unplanned and unpredictable articles based upon new information or news in your industry.

Next Steps for Improving Your SEO in 2020

Once you've made the decision to work on improving your website's SEO for 2020, you need to decide if you will be taking the DIY SEO route, hiring a SEO professional or a mixture of both. Your decision will most likely be based upon your SEO knowledge, budget and amount of time you are willing to allocate to the job. We've created a comprehensive number of SEO resources for the DIY SEO route, and have some SEO professionals we can recommend to you. Our article on outsourcing SEO is also well worth reading too.

Finally, make sure your website platform is SEO friendly and you are able to enter your SEO meta data. Our free website builder is exceptionally SEO friendly and easily indexed by search engines. Get your free website trial started today, or contact us for support at migrating your current website over to our platform. 

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Posted: Friday 13 December 2019