Have you been hacked?

If you have been hacked, you need to think about how to clean up afterwards.

Many people think it's enough to change passwords, but if your computer has been hacked, then you are likely giving the hacker access to even more passwords that they didn't have previously, as you update them. Hackers are continuously monitoring your computer via keyboard logging software they installed, where everything you type is sent to the hacker(s).

First, get your computer fixed before using it. 

At least, don't login to anything that isn't already hacked... It's probaby ok to look at your old emails... 

Find a list of recommended IT support people

Use Webmail 

Use webmail from a safe computer (even an internet cafe) until your main computer is fixed. Or use your phone to access your email. 

Install Anti Virus Software

install anti virus software so this issue doesn't happen again.

Change Other Passwords 

I suggest you change all your other passwords, asap, using a trusted safe computer that was not the one hacked. Never ever use an old password again if you have been hacked. A list of logins to consider updating:
  • Email passwords (The primary target, they send spam via your address to your friends)
  • Modem/Router password (this maybe how you got hacked)
  • CMS password (keep your website and domain email safe from changes)
  • Banking Password 
  • Facebook Password 
  • Microsoft / Website PIN

Posted: Monday 8 August 2016