Courier Options for Your Small Business

What Are Your Courier Options? 

As a small eCommerce business, ensuring your customers receive your products quickly, affordably and in good condition are some of your key priorities.

As an eCommerce business, you will be wanting to choose the couriers who offer you the best overall service and price. This may mean choosing one courier for products over a certain weight and another for one which offers overnight delivery.

In New Zealand, there are several ways a courier may charge for a delivery:

  • local delivery
  • NZ wide delivery
  • north island delivery
  • south island delivery
  • rural delivery
  • size based delivery
  • weight based delivery
  • overnight delivery
  • international delivery
  • branded courier satchels
  • branded courier labels

Let's take a look at the courier options integrated with Website World which make the lives of eCommerce owners easier.

Courier Options Integrated with Website World

It's our goal to make selling online as quick and easy as we can for our customers. Offering an ever-growing number of delivery and courier options which integrate with our eCommerce platform is one way we do this. Some ship only within New Zealand, while others offer international options.


You can now quickly print courier tickets and update your order status from within GoSweetSpot.


eShip integration is now available to speed up the process of printing your labels in the eShip system


Full integration with Aramex ensures your customers get the best priced freight, and you get streamlined order fulfilment


Parcelport has an integration with us that will stream line the process to print labels and dispatch orders. 


StarShipIT seamlessly integrates with Website World to streamline the process of shipping your orders.  

NZ Couriers & Pace

Our system will obtain real time pricing for Pace and NZ Couriers via their API

Where to Next When Choosing a Courier?

We suggest that you contact the courier companies which you've identified as best suiting your business' needs, and ask them questions such as:

  • do you collect from my address?
  • how frequent are parcel pickups?
  • do you offer signature only and/or tracked deliveries?
  • will you provide a discount for a certain amount of parcels sent per month?
  • do you have a minimum parcel quantity I need to send each month?
  • do you requirement payment when sending individual parcels or can I pay at the end of the month?
  • do you provide packaging or do I supply my own?

Finally, to make your life as an eCommerce owner even easier, choose one of the courier companies who are integrated with our CMS - if your chosen courier isn't, get in touch and see if we can integrate it for you! 

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Posted: Wednesday 27 January 2021