Parcelport Courier Aggregator Platform

Parcelport Courier Aggregator Platform

Parcelport has an integration with us that will stream line the process to print labels and dispatch orders. 

Parcel Port provides access to PostHaste, Castle Parcels, Now Couriers, Courier Post, TNZ, SF Express< NZ Post, EM, FedEx, Pace, Kerry Logistics, TIL, Hooker Pacific, TNL, Goddards

The tracking number and courier name is recorded against your order in our system. 

Notifications to customer about the tracking details is a configurable option on Parcelportend, such that either they or our system can send the customer the shipping notification, as per the image below

Parcelport – New Zealand’s Largest Independent Freight Aggregator

Partnering with many of New Zealand’s major parcel/pallet delivery companies including NZ Post, Post Haste, SF Express, TNT/FedEx and TiL, Parcelport are New Zealand’s largest independent freight aggregator. 


Save Time and Money

Handling both domestic and international freight, we support SMEs across NZ, who normally aren’t able to access competitive pricing.  Via our single platform, Parcelport is a fully integrated system platform that easily books shipments, prints labels, books the courier pick-up and provides end to end visibility for your shipments in real-time, anywhere in the world.  We then consolidate all your shipping modes into a single monthly invoice.  


There is no cost to join Parcelport – you simply pay for what you use!

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