Full integration with Aramex ensures your customers get the best priced freight, and you get streamlined order fulfilment.

Where to set it up in CMS

Live pricing 

You will need your API Key, Pick up details to complete the setup. You can further customise the Shipping Option using Filters provided. Contact Aramex Support to get your API Key. This key is different from Client ID and Client Key.

Order fulfilment

To set this up, Choose Aramex under Fulfilment API Options. Enter your Client ID and Client Key.
Get the Client ID and Key from your Aramex account usually found under Administration -> API Keys.
You can also set default values for product height, length, depth, width, package type if required under API Configuration section. The package type which is either Package or Satchel will be used while creating the consignment. 

To push a consignment to Aramex go to the individual order's Shipping tab. Here you will find Aramex button under Create Consignments via Courier API. If a consignment is created succesfully, the tracking number will be saved for the consignment. 
This integration does not update your order status as shipped. You can click on Items have been Shipped button to update the status.

Once a consignment has been created you can not edit it in the Aramex dashboard. You should delete the consignment if you would like to cancel it.

You can print your labels within the Aramex dashboard.

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