7 Christmas Marketing Ideas for Your Business

7 Christmas Marketing Ideas for Your Business

You've spent the year identifying marketing opportunities for your business and when Christmas comes, you're fresh out of ideas. But never fear, because we've made a list of seven unique Christmas marketing ideas to get your sales booming!

7 Unique Christmas Marketing Ideas

In the lead up to Christmas, social media and email goes mad with everyone promoting their products. The trick is to present an offer so attention-grabbing that it is irresistible. But how exactly can you do that? By offering something no one has ever done before (or that your customers have never seen). Here are seven unique ideas to get you started:

  1. Create shareable graphics and posts - it's the dream of every business to have a post which goes viral. Christmas time is ideal as more people are sharing their findings with their friends. The trick is to create a topical graphic which people relate with and want to share, like this one from Bed Bath & Beyond. 
  2. Themed videos - while a lot of people feel uncomfortable behind the camera, a video is ideal to help promote your products during the silly season. You can use it both on social media and embedded within your website. Starbucks had their staff sing a carol in this video. 
  3. Have a Christmas free zone - not everyone celebrates Christmas, whether for religious reasons, sad memories, no family or they choose not too. Cater for these customers on your website by having Christmas free zones. They can be pages which do not mention the season, seasonal products or seasonal promotions. Advertise this on social media and your home page.
  4. Think outside the box - a Christmas tree business in America began a promotion for their trees by decorating one and then driving around town with it on their car roof. They captured this on video and in photos, shared it with their audience and encouraged other businesses to do the same. The driving Christmas tree quickly took off, with other businesses also liking the attention they received and the images of their branded vehicles shared all over social media. The Christmas tree business enjoyed plenty of additional sales that year!
  5. Charity donations - donate a percentage of your sales, or even products to a local charity. Encourage your customers to do the same and challenge your competition to join in.
  6. Host a themed contest - whether it's a colouring-in competition, a staged photo, or a product giveaway, a themed contest is always popular. The idea isn't original, but the prize and the way the competition is run can be. 
  7. Organise a social media Christmas party - perfect for if you have a VIP group or similar,  host a themed party online.  From live videos, giveaways, competitions, special discounts, free tips and advice, it can be the party of the century and without any clean up required! 

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Posted: Friday 19 October 2018