Improving our support with the Support Roster

We have now implemented a better support roster to give greater general support coverage to the day. 

We always prefer you contact us via our support ticketing system or email (which is essentially the same thing.)

During normal working hours, we are aiming for under 1 hour response time to all emailed questions.

If you contact us by telephone, it is very easy for a caller to consume 10-15 minutes of time, and so often you will find the line is busy. If the line is busy, we encourage you to contact us via email, and not leave a voice mail message. Especially during after hours, you are more likely to get a faster response to an emailed question with plenty of detail provided.

Our rostered support hours are

  • 9am - 5pm week days (Albie morning, Reuben late morning, Ian after lunch, and finishing the working day with Andrew. Mike does the evening shift.)
  • 7pm-8pm approximately week days
  • Midday approx weekends.
  • Plus all support tickets are checked at 7am and throughout the day for urgent issues. 
  • Our servers are also monitored 24/7 for outages. 
  • Urgent status emergency issues are considered within 10 minutes in most cases. 

Urgent issues are checked more rapidly, but if our support considers you missused the urgent status for an "accounts issue" or "general query" then your ticket will be downgraded with no response. Urgent status is prioritised for those who experience a fault with their website or email causing loss of business.

Urgent email issues are only investigated for our paying customers (not for owners of free parked domains). However, if you are an IT expert or have an IT expert who can communicate to us clearly a DNS issue, we will work with your IT expert free of charge for standard DNS issue resolution. 

Posted: Tuesday 11 February 2014