How To Handle Negative Comments On Your Facebook Page

So someone has posted something negative on your business Facebook page? Rather than panicking, deleting the comment or hiding in a cupboard, take the time to turn what could be a PR disaster into building some positive publicity instead. A complaint dealt with professionally, respectively and which provides a solution to the problem can do wonders for your business.

What Should I Do If A Customer Complains On My Facebook Page?

Customers complain for lots of reasons and if one has done so on your business Facebook page, they obviously feel very strongly about it. Sure, you could ignore it and bury your head in the sand. You could delete it, hope that no one saw it and go with the stance that if it is not there it never happened. Or you could even get angry back at them, become defensive about your business or product and give them just as much grief as they are giving you.

But those are not effective ways of managing negative Facebook comments and can seriously harm your business. Instead you should:

• Acknowledge their complaint and concerns
• Offer a real heartfelt apology
• Explain how you are going to make it right

Acknowledge Complaints When You Get Them

Let your customer know that you have read their concerns and are taking them seriously. Do this by replying directly to their comment on Facebook, which not only shows them but also everybody else that you value every single one of your customers. Aim to reply within 60 minutes or by the end of the day of the complaint if at all possible. 

Apologise and Really Mean It

Customers are not stupid. They can tell the difference between a genuine apology and lip service. Make sure your apology directly relates to their concerns and that you are actually going to do something about it. Your apology needs to be publically made, such as by directly replying to their comment or creating a new post if you feel it is warranted.

Offer a Solution

Explain to your customer (and the world), how you are going to put things right. Let them know that you are going to look into the problem and fix it. Give them a contact phone number or email address and ask them to get in touch with you at their earliest convenience. By taking it offline you are able to work with them privately to achieve a result you are both happy with and will avoid further public criticism. 

Remember that your customer is always right, even if they are wrong. This is especially true on social media where everything you and your customers say is up for scrutiny from everyone. Handle your complaints well and you might just find that your complainants turn into fantastic ambassadors for your business instead. 

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Posted: Tuesday 8 March 2016


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