Should You Have a Testimonials Page On a Website?

Testimonials Page: Yes Or No?

Does a website need a separate testimonials page, or is it enough that they leave a review on a product page? Will visitors even read the testimonials?

We look into the pros and cons of setting up a specific testimonials page on a website, to help you decide if your website needs one. We'll also share some tips on how to set up and use a testimonials page effectively too.

Pros & Cons of Having a Testimonials Page on a Website

If you've enabled product reviews on your website, is there any additional benefit to adding a separate page on which you manually add the product reviews and testimonials which customers left on your website? 

Let's take a look at both the pros and the cons.

The pros of adding a testimonials page include:

  • customers can visit one page to see all reviews
  • easy to find reviews on your website
  • you can be selective as to the reviews you include on that page
  • you can share the link to your testimonials page on social media

The cons of adding a testimonials page include:

  • adding yet another page to your site
  • as it is site administrated, it may look 'artificially good' if you hand-select only glowing reviews
  • people wanting reviews of a product, tend to only want to read it's reviews, and not others

You'll also need to consider other factors such as what your target audience would prefer, if it would benefit your business and how often you will update it.

Creating an Effective Testimonials Page

If you've decided to set up a separate testimonials page, your next decision is what this page will look like. In general, a well-thought out testimonials page will:

  • display a lot of testimonials and reviews
  • be clear and easy to read
  • be specific and to the point
  • be visually engaging

You may want to offer your visitors the opportunity to download a PDF of your testimonials page, so they have something tangible they can refer to away from their device or PC.

Then it's time to think about what kind of testimonials or reviews to display. Should it contain videos, photos of your products in use, photos of the reviewers themselves, case studies, quotes, lists, boxes etc?

Once again, that's up to you. But as long as it is easily understood and used by your audience, you'll have made the right decision.

More Information About Product Reviews & Testimonials

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Posted: Friday 23 August 2019