Product Ideas to Sell Via Subscription

What types of products can you sell using the subscription model? Almost anything, although the best products are those which are consumable. It is believed that the subscription model first began back in the 17th century by publishers of books and periodicals. Nowadays it is used by retailers throughout the world, including Netflix and Amazon to encourage repeat purchases and increase cashflow.

What Makes a Great Subscription Product?

The success of your subscription rides on a couple of key points, with the main one being the products you have on offer. Good practice is to check that your products have as many of these properties as possible:

  1. an evergreen product, one that will not go out of date and people will still want in years to come
  2. a group of enthusiasts who already love the type of products you are selling, but not necessarily the same ones
  3. a reoccurring need for your products
  4. an emotional connection with your product types
  5. an audience that wants to experience more of your type of product

Keeping these properties in mind, it's time to decide on which products you'll sell via subscription. Remember though to firstly learn more about the subscription model to help identify if it is the right selling method for your business. 

Product Ideas for Selling Via Subscription

We've made a list of product ideas and types you may want to consider selling using the subscription method. Remember that before making any firm decisions, you'll need to still undertake due diligence and market research to check for viability.

  • cocktails
  • pet food
  • pre-cooked meals
  • meal kits
  • beauty products
  • homemade baking
  • toilet paper
  • books
  • flowers
  • soap
  • candles
  • digital products
  • group memberships
  • music
  • craft boxes
  • kids educational products
  • printer cartridges
  • coffee
  • magazines
  • toys
  • snacks
  • vitamins

Snobby Collective is example of an NZ business who sell via subscription using our eCommerce platform, and you can read about what they have done in our article Using the eCommerce Subscription Model.

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Posted: Thursday 27 January 2022