Ways to Encourage More Reviews On Your Website

Need website reviews?


Here are 7 ways to get them

Product reviews are one of the best sales tools you can use, as these statistics show:

Providing your website visitors with social proof for your products is only a good thing, even if some of your reviews are negative. The challenge is though, getting your customers to come back at a later date and give you that review. However, it's not impossible and we've put together a list of seven ways you can encourage more product reviews being left on your website.

7 Ways to Get More Product Reviews On Your Website

Once you have enabled product reviews on your website (read our article Why Product Reviews Are Important & How to Enable Them On Your Website), there are several things you can do to encourage customers to leave a review. Here are seven of them:

  1. Position them so they are easily noticed - while by default your product reviews and star ratings are located under the Buy Now button for a product, it doesn't mean that is the only place you can have them. Consider setting up a page specifically to list your product reviews on, or even creating graphics and banners to display them throughout your website. As reviews get noticed more, customers feel a sense of urgency to add their own reviews to them.
  2. Reward reviewers - when someone leaves a product review, respond to it and offer then a % discount on their next purchase from your website.
  3. Email post purchase reminders - one of the great features of our product review widget, is that it can be set to automatically email reminders to customers to review their purchase. Sent out a set number of days after the purchase, the customer simply clicks on the email link to leave their star rating and comments.
  4. Share reviews on social media - create social media templates using Canva to showcase your reviews, and share them with your wider audience. 
  5. Respond to every review - it's vital that you show your reviews that you appreciate the effort they have made in leaving their review. Write a personalised comment for every one you receive, and remember to thank them for their review.
  6. Consider product sampling - if you haven't yet got many reviews on your website, consider offering free samples to your target market in exchange for a review. This strategy works for seasonal products, product launches and helping nail down your specific target audience.
  7. Add a call to action - let customers know that you would like them to review the product they have purchased. You can add a call to action on the product page, the cart or checkout, and the emailed order receipt.

We recommend reading our articles Why Product Reviews Are Important & How to Enable Them On Your Website, and Best Ways to Manage Negative Reviews Online for further details about product reviews. 

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Posted: Monday 19 August 2019