What is Black Hat SEO?

Is There Any Good In Black Hat SEO?

To Do Or Not To Do? Black Hat SEO is the Question

We're not going to lie: it's so hard to get regular and high converting traffic to a website. Would you be willing to try and get that traffic at any cost?

Many black hat SEO users are, with the cost to their own websites or those of their clients paying the price. 

We're going to explain exactly what black hat SEO is, some common strategies it uses and why you should never use it at any cost.

What is Black Hat SEO?

We love a great magic trick as much as anyone else. For some people, it may seem that black hat SEO is the website traffic magic trick they are looking for.

We beg to differ.

Black hat SEO are techniques or practices used to get traffic to a website which are specifically against what search engines advise in their guidelines.

It is used to artificially and suddenly increase the ranking of a site in search engine results. It uses shady tactics instead of recommended guidelines and as such, can seriously damage a website's online reputation.

Black Hat SEO Strategies to Avoid

If you need to know what to avoid doing on your website, ask Google. They clearly state what the recommended guidelines are; anything else not listed in there should be avoided. Here are some of the tactics to avoid at all cost:

  • Keyword Stuffing

This tactic refers to using words, numbers and phrases so often and in unnatural places. 

  • Cloaking

Like the name suggests, cloaking is about hiding some content for website visitors, while showing different content to search engines. 

  • Bad Redirects

Normally there is nothing wrong with adding redirects within your website. But the type of redirects we are talking about here are definitely not what you want to be having. For instance, sending Google to a different page than your visitors.

  • Low Quality Content

Written content which is short, full or errors, not relevant to the page, copied from another website or just plain low value will never help a website. 

For more information about black hat seo, we recommend reading our article Understanding Black, Grey and White Hat SEO. 

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Posted: Monday 14 October 2019