Wordpress Versus Website Builder

10 reasons why "non geeks" choose our awesome websitebuilder service over stinky old wordpress
  1. you don't have to pay someone else to get you set up, it's free and easy to build your own site from a start of hundreds of templates.
  2. you don't have to pay for a web host until your website content is ready to go live
  3. you dont have to pay someone else to perform security upgrades, website builder team take care of the upgrades for you.. refer (http://thehackernews.com/2012/10/45000-wordpress-blogs-hacked-on-2nd-day.html)
  4. you dont have to pay someone else to integrate a shopping cart, it's already included
  5. you dont have to pay someone else to integrate a bulk emailer, it's already included. And unlike mailchimp, it's easier to get customers opting in to newsletters without having to enter their email address again. (without extra development effort)
  6. your customers only need 1 login to access secure content, shop discounts, file sharing, content collaboration, profile updates and business directory updates.
  7. you dont have to pay someone else to add social networking icons to your template, just enter your social usernames.
  8. you are not dependent on that 3rd party consultant who once set you up and has since got a day job overseas and wont take your calls.
  9. you can post blogs just as easy as in wordpress... our users say its even easier... 
  10. you only need 1 login, not several different logins for control panel, wordpress, ecommerce, domain registry, web stats, database and mailing lists. your designer only needs 1 login to manage several websites. your designer can have their own login.

Posted: Wednesday 26 February 2014


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