What is a POS or Point of Sale System?

A POS or Point of Sale system refers to the software used to make a physical sale by a retailer. A cash register, computer or iPad are all able to be used with a POS, ideal for retailers who sell both online and in-person. It helps you to keep track of your inventory and take payments, ensuring effective stock management and a more efficient business.

A POS can be cloud-based or on-premise. An on premise POS can only be used in the physical store through the terminals or devices that are present. A cloud based POS can be used anywhere you have internet access, and is what we include for free with all of our eCommerce hosting plans. 

A key benefit of our integrated POS is that your inventory is displayed in real-time, avoiding overselling the last item on the shelf. Additional benefits include a reduction in paperwork, easier reporting and no external synchronisation issues. Take a read of our case study which discusses the many benefits New Wave NZ Surfboards experienced when using our point of sale system.

How Does a POS Work?

A POS works the same regardless of the hardware used (till, iPad) or terminal location (in a physical store or selling at a market):

  • A customer wants to buy a product. The shop assistant either scans the product barcode or looks up the product within the POS.
  • The POS works out the total price of the order.
  • The customer pays the order, with the sales assistant selecting the payment option and actioning it for the customer.
  • The transaction is complete and a receipt can be printed out or emailed to the customer. The item(s) quantity is updated within the POS system.

Why Use Our FREE Point of Sale System

A point of sale system can also provide other useful features for the merchant too. With our integrated and free POS, all of our eCommerce website merchants benefit from:

  • unlimited users of the POS system across multiple devices
  • all devices are supported
  • inventory remains synchronised
  • any barcode reader and printer can be used
  • any payment can be accepted
  • order fulfillment
  • ability to return goods
  • synchronisation of vouchers

Learn more about our free POS system here, which also has two demonstration videos which walk you through just how simple it is to use.

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Posted: Wednesday 26 May 2021