What Are gTLDs & Do I Need One?

What Are gTLDs & Do I Need One?

You've most probably seen gTLDs in use. Also called generic top level domains, they are a domain extension which comes after the dot in a URL. To understand this further, let's pull back for a moment and look at the big picture of domain extensions.

What is a Domain Extension?

An internet address (also known as a domain) has several different parts. One of those parts is the domain extension, which is also known as a top-level domain (TLD). There are two different types of domain extensions:

  • ccTLDs, which are country codes - .co.nz and .nz are examples of this
  • gTLDs, which are thematic and international - .com or .wedding are examples of these

There are plenty of options for gTLDs: too many to list here, so we've put them on their very own page of available domain suffixes instead.

What Are the Benefits of Having a gTLD?

Having a gTLD offers your business a few benefits:

  • people can clearly see what your business offers. For example, travel.agency tells people you're a travel agency.
  • you are able to improve the branding of your business. You can choose a domain related exactly to your industry, rather than settling for a long winded top-level domain.
  • Offers you great keyword rich ideas for new additional domains
  • You'll have an easy communicable domain to share

The downside is that 'some' website forms don't except emails with domains that have the last chunk of it being longer than three characters. 

Do I Need a gTLD?

Does your business need a gTLD? You need a domain name, and if the use of a gTLD suits, then go ahead! You could use it as your main domain name, or as an additional one for landing pages or marketing purposes. It can be set up to redirect to your main domain easily, or it could be used as a stand alone small website with the aim to send traffic to your main business site.

There are plenty of options available, so there is no need to purchase them all. Rather, be deliberate and purchase specific domain names which will be of benefit to your business. We have: www.website.world

To purchase your gTLD, head over to our Domain Registration page and secure it today.

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Posted: Friday 3 May 2019